Who Am I?

Update Feb. 19 2016

The Dangerous Gift FRONT COVER

Time to update my ‘Who Am I?’ page with the publication of my third book The Dangerous Gift. This is my first foray into romantic suspense and I also have a new publisher – Limitless Publishing.


I am now a proud Grandma to Arthur Daniel, who was born on 28 October 2015 to my daughter Megan. He is a joy and makes me feel years younger.


Sadly I also lost my lovely cat Tommy on New Years Day, He died at home. He was with us for 17 years and I miss him.

Official Author Bio – February 2016

‘Writing has touched my life in every decade. At fifty, I took a risk and made writing my career, fulfilling a lifetime ambition.’

I enjoy writing blogs, book reviews and especially stories. Vivid imagery, atmospheric settings, strong females and sensual males are essential for my stories. Everyday life and ordinary people inspire me. How would someone react, if faced with something extraordinary?  A thread of romance runs through all my books, whether they be suspense, fantasy or historical.

  I want to let my readers escape their lives for a while, experience new places, new people and most importantly, new emotional lows and highs My favourite parts of the writing process are; finding a person, event or place that makes me want to write a story about it and the writing itself; when your fingers cannot type fast enough, to transcribe your thoughts.

Family is very important to me. My two children are my greatest achievement to date.
I am an animal welfare supporter and regularly use social media to promote animal welfare issues.


Who Am I? – Update June 11 2014

The Dragon Legacy Cover - Copy
  Six months as a published author and book 2  is finished:-)  The Revenge Masquerade, the second book in The Dragon Legacy series will be published by Crimson Frost Books December 2014/ January 2015. This is Jasmine and  Zane’s story and is set in romantic Italy – Venice and Lake Garda.



Lessons from my the past six months?  Selling ebooks and getting reviews is hard work.  If I thought being an aspiring author was tough making my presence felt as a published author is harder still but so much fun.:-)  I have improved both my writing and social media skills and I have almost finished book 3 which is a romantic suspense novel, The Dangerous Gift.  I have enjoyed writing in another genre.

Next month I begin writing the third book in The Dragon Legacy series which features Lorenzo the dragon introduced in The Revenge Masquerade and is set in Egypt. I also hope to finish my historical novel set in Pleasley.

Finally an update on Oby the dog we adopted last August. He has settled in really well and is unrecognisable from the anxious, thin dog we adopted.

Who Am I? – Update. December 20 2013

The Dragon Legacy Cover
Well, I’m 52 now but the most momentous change since I started First Steps back in March 2013 is I am now a published author.

My e-book The Dragon Legacy is officially released today by Crimson Frost Books. Early reviews are encouraging so I’ll have to wait and see how it goes. Time to finish off The Dangerous Gift and Past Shadows and start the next chapter in The Dragon Legacy – Jasmine and Zane’s Adventure.

We also have a new family member Oby who we adopted from a rescue centre at the end of August 2013. He is my unexpected 30th wedding anniversary present and I love him.

Official Author Bio – Jane Hunt December 2013

Jane Hunt 1
As a child, I had a complete stable of make-believe horses and my imagination remains as vivid. Now it creates characters and scenarios which provide the inspiration for my stories.

I am so excited to finally have a career as a writer. My love affair with the written word started as a teenager. I secretly dreamed of writing the romantic novels I loved to read. Life had other plans for me. Marriage at twenty-one whilst still at university launched me into a career in health service management. I often thought about writing in my spare time but my career and two wonderful children kept me occupied 24/7. Illness forced an abrupt end to my career. Always the optimist I seized the opportunity to write full-time in 2012.

The Dragon Legacy is my first published novel and I am excited to be sharing it with a wider audience.
When I’m not writing I enjoy reading, book reviewing, social media and walking in the countryside. Passionate about animal welfare.

 Who Am I ? – March 17 2013

I’m 51  so you may be forgiven for thinking that ‘First Steps’ is a strange name for my blog.

I thought at length about starting to blog. As a writer I love the written word, so a chance to share my thoughts this way was too good to pass up.

The name of my blog was the next obstacle.  Should the title include ‘writer’?   Thinking about what has happened to me in the last six months I realized that everything I try, to develop my writing career is another step on my learning curve. Each step has been integral in getting me further towards my goal of publication.

So ‘First Steps’  is the perfect name for my blog.

I hope to use ‘First Steps’  to share my writing journey with you through my books.

My other loves are reading and walking.

I also have a lifelong interest in animal welfare.

I hope to include book reviews, great places to walk and the occasional animal welfare blog.

Finally the potted biography:

I am the mother of two wonderful adults.

A wife of almost thirty years. A child bride of course.

I have two devoted animal companions who keep me company when I write. Jazz (dog) and Tom (cat).
2013-05-26 15.23.00

I worked in the N.H.S. prior to writing, in various management roles. The last was in Service Improvement for the Cancer network.

I love ‘Twitter’.

I am also a recent, enthusiastic participant in’ Facebook’, Google +, ‘Pinterest’ and ‘Tumblr’


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