The Revenge Masquerade


The Revenge Masquerade – #2 The Dragon Legacy Series

Charismatic Jasmine and Zane, intrigued readers of ‘The Dragon Legacy’, when they helped Lukas the dragon lord find and protect the last dragon egg, from demonic Xavier. I’m so pleased to share their adventure and passion in picturesque Venice, Italy.


‘Zane Lupus, the wolf shifter who loved and left Jasmine broken-hearted, is in danger. Haunted by nightmares, Jasmine risks her fragile heart and travels to Venice to find her one-time friend and lover, hoping she can save him and rekindle their passion. Abducted by Lorenzo, a passionate dragon, Jasmine is tempted away from her quest to find her wolf.
Zane is confronted with what he suspects is an enemy from his past. He tries in vain to warn the dragon lord, Lukas, about the threat to the infant dragon. The horror beneath The Revenge Masquerade is ancient and terrible and determined to capture the infant dragon for its own ends.
The Dragon Legacy faces its greatest test. Is Jasmine, empowered by the guardian witch’s snake ring, strong enough to restore the natural balance? Or will the sacrifice she must endure destroy her before she embraces her destiny?’

The Revenge Masquerade - Excerpt

‘Open mouthed she stood rooted to the spot. Zane walked towards the palazzo, his animal grace discernible even in human form. Jasmine breathed deeper and fought to master her temper. The calm state she sought proved elusive. How dare he dismiss her as insignificant? She was descended from a dynasty of powerful witches, and the wolf would do well to remember that if he wanted to keep his silver hide intact. His long strides took him to the palazzo’s entrance before she could unleash her verbal assault against his arrogance. Without thinking, she raised her hand in the direction of the beautiful flowers planted in terracotta and colorful earthenware pots. The largest started to shake and then spun until it hovered, gyrating madly several inches from the ground. Zane took a step inside the elegant doorway and Jasmine clenched her fist. The huge pot exploded and crashed to earth. Thousands of sharp shards of pot littered the terrace. Zane stopped and snapped his head round in the direction of the noise. Jasmine noted with satisfaction his expression was a comical mix of surprise and shock, his facial expressions a perfect map of his thoughts. She straightened her shoulders and stared into his angry silvery gaze and waited.
“What are you playing at, Jasmine? This isn’t the time for parlor tricks.” The largest piece of broken pot took flight and swooped over his head, almost slicing through his silver blonde hair. Zane stepped back and sidestepped several times to avoid the ceramic missile. “Fuck, Jasmine! Stop it. We haven’t time for your temper tantrums.” The shard of pot floated to the ground and lay harmlessly among the debris.
“That was a parlor trick wolf. The explosion was to get your attention, which it did.” Zane took a menacing step towards her.
“So what’s so important? My instructions were crystal clear.” Jasmine’s fingers itched. The urge to rearrange that handsome face into something ugly beckoned, but she resisted. Abusing her magic would have far-reaching repercussions. Guardian magic stemmed from nature’s balance; it was intended to maintain the status quo and promote positivity and goodness. Using it for self-gratification would lead to an imbalance, which wouldn’t be tolerated. She would be punished by the loss of her powers until she learnt the important lesson. She buried her hands in her trouser pockets. “That’s just it. You decided. You issued the instructions. I’m capable of making my own choices. I don’t need you to think for me. Or protect me.”
“Perhaps, but you were happy for Lorenzo to act as your protector,” Lukas countered, shooting a hole in her argument.
Jasmine kept her face impassive and made sure her barb reached its target. “Everything comes back to you, doesn’t it, Zane? Since Xavier and the demon snake, I’ve made a study of demons, memorized spells, which will thwart and destroy them. I could help you in there, especially if there’s a demon. You should acknowledge my skills unless you’re threatened by me.” Zane watched her intently but remained silent. It felt good to let go of the resentment she had bottled up since Zane used her and left her. She’d opened Pandora’s Box and didn’t want to close it. Not until Zane appreciated the pain he had inflicted and how she had used it to mature and grow. “Do you want my help or not?”‘

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The Revenge Masquerade


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