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5* Review What a Girl Needs Aimee Duffy

The second in the Indecent Proposals series What a Girl Needs is equally as good as the first in the series What’s a Girl To Do? which I read and reviewed last year. Here’s  what I thought of Georgia’s story:

My Review

 What a Girl Needs (Indecent Proposals, #2)The second in the Indecent Proposals series What a Girl Needs grabs your interest from the first page and won’t let go until you’ve finished reading the whole story and are lying exhausted on the floor.

Georgia is an engaging character used to fighting her own battles a glass half full woman who likes to be in control. Therein lies her problem or so her tasty and interested boss Max tells her when he finds her revealing cry for help in the form of an unsent email on her computer for anyone to read.

This story is full of humour as Georgia tries to respond in a politically correct way to Max’s indecent but tempting proposal. The sexual heat between Georgia and Max is scorching from the first flickers of sensual tension to the explosion of desire when they pretend to be a couple. This cleverly written novella manages to weave in plenty of internal and external conflict to keep the reader on tenterhooks and the ending is sweet even though the story is erotic.

A great fun read short enough to read on the train journey to work. Go on I dare you.

I received a copy of this book from Harper Collins UK Harper Impulse via NetGalley in return for an honest review

What a Girl Needs by Aimee Duffy

My rating: 5 of 5 stars
What a Girl Needs (Indecent Proposals, #2)

Aimee Duffy

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5* Review What’s a Girl to Do? Aimée Duffy

What's a Girl to Do? (Indecent Proposals #1)

After reading and loving ‘Sinfully Summer’ I couldn’t wait to see what Ms Duffy could do with an erotic romance and I wasn’t disappointed.

What’s a Girl to Do? is a scalding hot read. What makes it memorable is the romance.

Unwanted by her supermodel mother Shey’s attitude to men, sex and relationships is tainted. The need to control every variable means Shey’s romantic encounters lack spontaneity.

Player Calvin hides a fragile heart. Devastated by his ex-wife. He vows he will never lose his heart, reputation or wealth to a woman again.

The scene is set the control freak meets the ice man.

Their first encounter will make you shiver and remember. The humour and sexual tension are beautifully written.

Despite her tangible fear Shey loses control in the most intimate way possible. Shey agrees to a relationship but only with rules. Calvin forgoes his dating embargo. He can’t risk losing her. He wants her subservient but soon finds the tables turned on him. Love the taxi ride.

Their romance is driven by emotion not lust shown by the sacrifices they both make.

As a novella this story is a teaser but reaches a satisfying conclusion. Perfect for a little late night reading or on the way to work. Just remember sighing on public transport may draw some funny looks. 🙂

I received an ARC from Harper Collins UK, HarperImpulse via NetGalley for an honest review.

What’s a Girl to Do? by Aimée Duffy

What's a Girl to Do? (Indecent Proposals #1)

Aimée Duffy

My rating: 5 of 5 stars

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