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4* Review: Phantom Lover – Tamaria Soana


 Olivia Shaw-Clayton’s life revolves around her job ever since her husband was killed eight months ago in Iraq. She slaves away at her desk in hopes of numbing the pain of her loss and the guilt of longing to fall asleep once again to be joined by her phantom lover.


Phantom LoverMy Review:

‘Phantom Lover’ is a poignant tale of loss and love. This short story sizzles from the start as Olivia experiences sensual overload in her lover’s arms. Unfortunately reality sets in, yet another erotic dream and she’s still alone with only a demanding career as a defence lawyer to keep her sane.

Olivia’s grief is tangible you feel her pain and confusion as she struggles through her pain-filled existence. Drawn deeper into to her fantasy world Olivia struggles to understand what she is experiencing and in rare insightful moments she questions her sanity.

The ending is dramatic and unexpected. It rounds off the sexy, heart-rending tale in an inspiring, satisfying way.

I won a copy of this book in an author giveaway.

Phantom Lover by Tamaria Soana

My rating: 4 of 5 stars

Phantom Lover by Tamaria Soana

Tamaria Soana

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