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The Dangerous Gift – Sunday Snippet


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Sunday Snippet

 To celebrate another 5* review.

Here’s a snippet from The Dangerous Gift to tempt you.

Sunday Snippet -Easter Day


 Want to know who Jared is kissing?

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Legacy – Where Do I Come From?

The Dangerous Gift- Teaser 4a


Do you ever wonder about your ancestors?

I love history and I have always wanted to trace my family tree but I never found the time, until recently. When my daughter told me she was pregnant, just over a year ago it started me thinking about my parents and grandparents and those that came before them.I joined a genealogy site and within a couple of hours I traced my father’s family back to his great grandparents that’s five generations and I can’t wait to find out more.

Legacy and family are important themes in my writing.

The Dragon Legacy Cover

‘The Dragon Legacy’, is a fantasy tale, which traces the last survivors of the dragon legacy and their importance  to the survival of the human world.

‘The subtle infusion of his ancient memories flowed from his mind. A picture of a mist covered hillside materialized. The scene mesmerized them as it unfolded like a virtual puzzle. A jolt of pure power ran through him as he recalled the eerie shapes of the dragons gathered in a circle around a turquoise, almost translucent, egg. The largest dragon stepped forward and covered the egg with dark earth. The dragon faced them. Somehow aware, they witnessed the ceremony. Lukas identified himself with the dragon lord. Grace and Jasmine must believe the dragon lived within him.’

The Dangerous Gift FRONT COVER‘The Dangerous Gift’, my latest book revolves around a legacy a young woman receives after the death of her guardians and the  menacing events that follow this gift. 

‘The funeral was soul-destroying. Memories of her parents’ deaths and the pain of her loss resurfaced and intensified the grief she felt for her guardians’ passing. When the ranch house came into view on the ride home, its legacy resonated with and comforted her. Memories of happier times gave her hope for the future as she unclasped her hands and relaxed back against the limousine’s upholstered seat. Jared reached for her hand, as if he sensed her disquiet.’

 I will be posting my findings from time to time on my blog. Who knows if I find some interesting characters, I may even include them in a story.

What about you? Have you traced your family tree , comment below if you have or chat with me on Twitter #Legacy.

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#Sunday Snippet – Past Shadows – A Work In Progress

Sunday Snippet

I’m hoping to finish my historical romance ‘ Past Shadows’ by the end of February so I thought I would share a little with you from chapter three,to see what you think? Here’s  what it’s about:

Historical BlurbJustin Bracken has no choice but to resign his commission and return home to the cotton mills, when his father falls ill. Unrest among the workers, fire, death and an opinionated woman all seek to make his new life every bit as dangerous as the military battles he fought in the past.

Young widow and vicar’s daughter Lucinda Osborne is born out of her time. When her husband dies, she returns to her father’s home determined to improve the lives of the mill workers she grew up with.

Mill owner, Charles Bracken refuses her offer to educate the workers’ children and threatens her. Lucinda narrowly escapes his unwelcome attentions, thanks to the rugged stranger who intervenes.

A fire at the mill and the sudden death of the mill owner has profound implications for Lucinda, who suspects her cousins’ are responsible. Determined to save them from the hangman’s noose, she risks her own reputation to do so.

Grief stricken by his father’s sudden death, Justin cannot forget his father’s last words, accusing Lucinda of starting the fire in the mill. Determined to find out the truth Justin summons the vicar’s daughter to the manor.

Intuitively he knows she is not guilty but believes she knows who is. In an attempt to get to the truth and unable to control his inconvenient passion, he makes her an indecent proposal but will she accept?

Past Shadows 1

Past Shadows Cover‘The summons arrived in an elegant cream envelope edged with black. She knew who sent it. Justin Bracken was in mourning. Charles Bracken passed away the previous night from a fatal seizure according to her father. She broke open the seal. Justin Bracken requested her presence at the manor house that afternoon. The reason for the meeting wasn’t clear. She could refuse. Invent another engagement. No. Many in the village knew of her cousins’ direct action against evil mill owners across the district. If word reached Justin he might suspect them, even if there was no evidence to support his accusations. Lucinda could ensure no suspicion came their way by allowing the shadow of guilt to fall on her.
“Father, Mr Justin has invited me to tea at the manor today.”
“Why would he do that? Does he ask that I accompany you? I need to speak with him about the funeral.”
“He makes no mention of you or the funeral father. He doesn’t allude to the meeting’s purpose at all. I can only assume he wishes to find out about my plans for educating the mill workers children.” Lucinda’s gaze darted away from her father’s earnest stare, a faint blush stained her pale cheeks but he didn’t notice too preoccupied with his exclusion. He relied on the mill owner for his living and couldn’t afford to offend Justin. Lucinda played on his fear to overcome any parental objections to her meeting the new young mill owner without his chaperone. After all she was a respectable widow and a chaperone wasn’t strictly necessary even if her reputation was lily white.He didn’t question her explanation or ask how Justin knew about her teaching aspirations.
“Perhaps you could ask him when it would be convenient to call on him m’dear.”
“Of course father, I’ll leave you now to get ready. He is sending his carriage for me at 3 o’clock.”
The Vicar raised his eyebrows at her disclosure but made no further comment and  thankfully,didn’t delay her. “Yes, yes m’dear run along.”
“See you at dinner father,” Lucinda smiled and hoped it reached her eyes. Her father returned her smile before he returned to the ecclesiastical tome, which occupied him when he rested. Lucinda forced her feet into a measured walk she didn’t want her scattered emotions to betray her.’





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The Dragon Legacy Series – Jane Hunt – Last Sunday Snippet of 2014 –


Sunday Snippet

If you’re looking for something different to read in the new year,what about my quirky, fantasy series: The Dragon Legacy.

The Dragon Legacy – Book 1 is Fleur’s and Lukas’ adventure to find and save the last dragon egg in the English Lake District.

The Revenge Masquerade – Book 2 is Jasmine and Zane’s romantic adventure in Venice, Italy.


DSCN0682 ‘She stirred as the first signs of daylight appeared over Helvellyn. Fleur threw back the covers and stretched. The last vestiges of sleep dispelled, she drew back the heavy curtains. Through the mist, near the garden’s boundary where the hills’ wildness began, an outline caught her attention. She vacillated between curiosity and fear. A man moved towards her window. The sunrise lightened the sky. It revealed Xavier’s dark broody face. A rush of adrenaline flooded her body. Her heart rate increased, its beats so loud they disturbed the room’s silence. Her mind was awash with questions, none of which she could answer. He stared at her window. He must recognise her. Startled, she stepped back. A frisson of alarm raced along her spine.’ ©Jane Hunt 2013

The Revenge Masquerade - Banner

‘He reached a solid wooden door carved with intricate Byzantine designs. He howled once loud and prolonged then stepped back from the door poised for flight or fight, whichever came first. The door creaked open and a slight female creature stood in the doorway with an expectant look on her face. He bent his head. She stroked it with cold fingers so long and thin to the point of emaciation they seemed disproportionate to the rest of her body. Zane growled softly in greeting. Nightwalkers often used telepathy, but they wouldn’t open their minds to a stranger. “You’re welcome, wolf. Follow me. The council is ready to meet with you.” She indicated the door at the end of the long wide hallway, bedecked with renaissance treasures all adorned with thick dust and cobwebs.

Zane hesitated. This could be a trap, his wolf insisted. He risked opening his mind, but its tentative search found nothing. Insurmountable mental barriers forced his retreat.’

©Jane Hunt 2014



The Dragon Legacy Series
The Dragon Legacy Series


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Sunday Snippet – The Dragon Legacy Jane Hunt

I’m so happy that I have my release date for ‘The Revenge Masquerade’ that I thought  I would share a snippet from the first book in the series, ‘The Dragon Legacy’ , for all those who haven’t read it yet.

These few lines feature Jasmine and Zane. Their adventure is told in ‘The Revenge Masquerade’.

Sunday Snippet

‘Jasmine stared at Zane, her face a dichotomy of fear and intrigue. Curiosity won. “Is it dangerous when you become
a wolf? Can I watch?”

Zane couldn’t hide his surprise. “It’s private. Dangerous if you get too close.” Jasmine’s expression mirrored her disappointment. Zane gave in. “All right, you can stay, if you’re careful. Whatever you see, and whatever pain I’m in, you mustn’t interfere.”

“I promise.”

“I mean it, Jasmine. I’m out of control when I transform. I don’t want you hurt.”

“I promise no interference.” Jasmine raised her hands in surrender before she almost covered her eyes with them. “Zane!” Zane removed his clothes with no embarrassment. She stood transfixed.’

The Dragon Legacy Series
The Dragon Legacy Series

© Jane Hunt 2013

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The Revenge Masquerade – Jane Hunt – Sunday Snippet

PicMonkey CollageThe Revenge Masquerade,the second in ‘The Dragon Legacy series, is due for release December 2014 from Crimson Frost Books.This adventure features Jasmine and Zane. – a dangerous mystery in romantic Venice Italy.

Sunday Snippet
‘At last her suitcase appeared. She reclaimed it and joined the line of people in the main concourse of Verona airport. Amid the noisy crowds, she looked around for her uncle’s familiar face. Jostled from behind she pitched forward. Jasmine closed her eyes as immediate impact with the hard concourse floor seemed imminent. Instead she was hauled against an unfamiliar muscular chest less painful but still alarming. “Let’s get you out of here Cara.” Jasmine leaned back in her rescuer’s steely embrace. Compared to her the man was a giant. He stood way over six feet and her neck ached with the strain of looking up at him. Her rescuer’s attractive face radiated power and ruthlessness. He smiled briefly and started to forge a path through the crowds with a reluctant Jasmine in tow. Digging her heels in and refusing to move crossed her mind but the momentum, by which he propelled her through the crowd proved unstoppable.’

©Jane Hunt 2014