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5* Review: #LoveLondon The Complete Collection – Nikki Moore




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#Love London is a modern collection of stories, full of atmosphere, vivid imagery and romance. Enjoy falling in love in twenty-first century London, at the most iconic times of the year.

23613024Skating at Somerset House
An atmospheric, festive tale, with great visual imagery; can the aptly named Holly melt icy Noel’s heart? Well it is Christmas and with the ice skating, loving Jasper proving to be an unlikely matchmaker anything can happen. A fun, flirty story that makes you want to discover what London has to offer.
24000537New Year at the Ritz
A story of new beginnings and letting go, as the old year gives way to the new. ‘New Year at the Ritz’, features a glamorous scavenger hunt, with elements of ‘Pretty Woman’; full of glitz but with a lovely romantic ending.
24277983Valentine’s at Primrose Hill
An unusual Valentine’s Day story, this romantic tale, pairs a victim of a tragic accident and a well meaning workaholic, brought together by a boisterous puppy. Poignancy and hope underline this story, which is delightful change from the usual hearts and flowers of Valentine’s Day.
COCKTAILS_CHELSEACocktails in Chelsea
The first few lines of this story capture most people’s perception of the young set in Chelsea; the wealth, designer lifestyle and the ‘plum in the mouth’, speech affectation. Whether this is really true of Chelsea’s residents is incidental. It’s the popular belief about life in this privileged borough of London. ‘Cocktails in Chelsea’ puts the reader at the heart of it.
Sofia’s character is easy to recognise and empathise with. She is the ‘girl next door’ and appears ordinary at first glance. She has hidden depths, which make her worthwhile getting to know. Sofia’s self-effacing sense of humour and outlook on life is refreshing. The chemistry between Sofia and Nathan is well written and their story realistic, given their close proximity and the fact they are both so different from the Chelsea set.
This story is a compendium of emotions; jealousy, snobbery, misunderstanding, passion and hope. ‘Cocktails in Chelsea makes a delightful read; something to brighten up the daily commute or let you escape to somewhere glamorous and romantic for your lunch break.
STRAWBERRIES_WIMBLEDONStrawberries at Wimbledon
Game Set and Match to a lovely romantic story full of sensuality, poignancy and humour. Wimbledon’s unique atmosphere and competitive spirit provides an iconic setting for a reunion romance between Rayne and Adam. Opposites certainly attract in this love story. Both characters are from different backgrounds but they share emotional baggage from their childhood and their university days that makes an unexpected meeting full of angst and passion.
Rayne is a strong character who has built on her unique upbringing and used it to achieve the career she wants. Adam is a perfect match for the dedicated journalist but the history between them and words previously left unsaid threaten any future they may have. I loved Lily’s take on their relationship and her interactions with both characters she is a wonderful source of humour and commonsense in this story.
This short story flowed like a novel and the ending was believable. A lovely summer read.
Picnics in Hyde ParkPicnics in Hyde Park
‘Picnics in Hyde Park’, the final story in the ‘Love London’ series, is the longest and encompasses all that is good in the first five novellas. With more angst, humour, poignancy, romance and sensuality; this is the perfect ending to the chic, contemporary series.
Zoe is likeable; from the moment she appears, hammering on Matt’s doors to avenge her little sister. Her actions say so much; she is fearless, opinionated, loyal and more than a little guilt ridden, after her five year sojourn in New York but I connected with her immediately.
Matt is delectable, although he does hide it well, under his brusque and detached manner. Like Zoe, he is dependable and full of remorse for past actions. In many ways they are emotionally similar.
Emotionally invested in Matt and his children, Zoe is ‘caught between the devil and the deep blue sea’. The chemistry between Matt and Zoe has a forbidden thrill, which makes the outcome inevitable and sizzling hot.
This story is more than the romance between Zoe and Matt. There is her nurturing of the forgotten children and her complicated relationship with her Aunt to explore. Reunited with old friends provides the readers with pertinent insights into what makes Zoe tick. Finally there are ‘Picnics in Hyde Park’, the importance of which, I will let you discover for yourselves.

I received a copy of this book from Harper Impulse via NetGalley in return for an honest review.

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The Complete #LoveLondon CollectionThe Complete #LoveLondon Collection by Nikki Moore


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The Complete #LoveLondon Collection by Nikki Moore


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