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Writing Journey Update

I’m a day late posting this update because yesterday  3 October was my birthday and I gave myself a day off 🙂 I love birthdays not the getting older part but the celebration and family time.  I am particularly lucky because I share my birthday with my lovely daughter who has a great fashion lifestyle blog Seek my Scribbles.

Megan Woolacombe Black and White

  October has always been a busy time for birthdays in our house. My mum’s birthday was 4th October. Unfortunately she is no longer with me but every year at this time I recall fond memories of our birthdays in past years.

Dragon Legacy

On the writing front I have finished my second  round of edits  for ‘The Dragon Legacy’ and sent them to my editor. As usual  I romped through the tracked changes and comments but failed to remember how long it takes to  try out the changes she suggested in her accompanying email.  Thankfully I  still made my deadline 🙂

I’m looking forward to what comes next with a mixture of anticipation and dread. What if she doesn’t like how I reworked the story ? Still no point worrying about what I can’t control .

I am eagerly anticipating my cover it seems so long since I penned my suggestions for it.  Hopefully it will be this month please 🙂


Look out for my review of ‘The Mystique Rogue’  written by Diane Taylor a fellow author at Crimson Frost Books.

Hope you all have a lovely weekend 🙂