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Holding the letter in trembling hands, Daisy’s future crumbled before her – the words engraved on her heart forever.

The village of Little Creek, the long winter of 1867

The first flakes of snow are falling when Daisy Marshall, secretly engaged to her master’s son, finds herself jilted at the altar.

Heartbroken, Daisy flees to the small village of Little Creek, nestled on the coast of Essex. There she is warmly welcomed – but the village is poverty-stricken, suffering under a cruel Lord of the manor. And when cholera hits, the villagers are truly in dire straits.

Determined to help, Daisy makes new friends in earnest doctor Nicholas and dashing smuggler Jay – but also dangerous new enemies, who threaten to destroy everything she’s built. Can Daisy save the village and find happiness in time for Christmas?

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I received a copy of this book from Harper Collins UK – Harper Fiction via NetGalley in return for an honest review.

My Thoughts…

A well researched historical saga, of family drama, mystery, poverty and romance. The social divide apparent in Victorian England is explored here.

Daisy, a governess lives in no man’s land, somewhere between upstairs and downstairs. In love with the heir to the household, she hopes her position will be confirmed, but he lets her down, and she returns home, heartbroken and unemployed. Moving to a small Essex village with her family, she feels at home, but the cruelty of the ruling classes blights the villagers’ lives who live in fear, poverty and squalor.

Daisy finds friendship and a warm community, but evil lurks and threatens the life she builds. This is a detailed, passionate tale of Victorian life, which draws you in, as the descriptive writing and authentic characters bring this era of change to life.

A festive start, to what promises to be a riveting series for romantic saga devotees.

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5* Review Touched to the Core – Elsa Winckler

My review of the third book in the ‘Touched’ series by Elsa Winckler



Winter Blurb

Schoolteacher Dana Roux doesn’t need sexy hotel tycoon David Cavallo to add to her troubles. They have absolutely nothing in common—she’s a simple schoolteacher in a small coastal town, and he has more money than he knows what to do with. Besides, as a former journalist, he’d remember the news stories about her dad’s alleged involvement in a dirty, Ponzi-like scheme, and his subsequent suicide. The last thing she wants is for the dark shadow of that scandal—and tragedy—to fall upon her once again. Especially since she knows her dad was innocent.

For David, flirting with a beautiful woman comes as naturally as breathing. So when he winds up kissing his sister-in-law’s best friend, he realizes Dana isn’t just another pretty pair of lips. But things between them get complicated quickly when he discovers who her father was, and that it was David’s own news story that blew the case wide open and sent her father to jail—and to his death. David’s not sure what to believe, but he knows he can’t let Dana blame him forever. Especially since she insists her father was an innocent man. But when Dana’s life is threatened, he realizes that he might not have uncovered the whole story. And that now, older and wiser, he just might be the only one who can uncover the truth.

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Winter My Review

Touched to the core (Touched #3)

This third story in the ‘Touched’ series features Dana, not a Sutherland sister but definitely an honorary member of the Sutherland clan. Her past is fraught with scandal, heartache, and a tragedy that has left her always trying to prove something. She hates the investigative journalist who blew the whistle on her father, and inadvertently caused his death.
Dana’s quest to prove her father’s innocence has left her little time for romance but she cannot forget David, another of the dynamic Cavallo brothers. Especially when he wants to help her but does he have an ulterior motive?
Packed with dramatic irony, you empathise with Dana as her feelings for David threaten her fragile emotional state. As the mystery of her father’s premature death unfolds the suspense, is nail biting and the danger Dana unwittingly faces gives this story a menacing edge. Dana and David’s relationship is passionate and volatile, especially when his over protective tendencies force Dana into reckless behaviour to reassert her independence.
Amidst the fast-paced action, there is the reassuring constant of the two-matchmaking mama’s ensuring that Dana and David have their happy ever after.
I received a copy of this book from the author in return for an honest review.


Touched to the core by Elsa Winckler
My rating: 5 of 5 stars

Touched to the core (Touched #3) by Elsa Winckler

Elsa Winckler

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5* Review: Secrets in the Shadows Hannah Emery

In 1920s Blackpool, eleven year old Rose wanders away from her parents and has a unique gift bestowed upon her. This gift will leave a haunting legacy, seeping down through the generations…
Decades later, Louisa has a vision of her mother walking into the sea. This isn’t the first time it happens and it won’t be the last, but what she sees isn’t always what she wants. The rest of her life is spent trying to change the future that haunts her.

In present day Blackpool, Grace is going to be married someday. She knows this because she’s seen it; a vision of a white dress, daisies embroidered on the sleeves, the groom by her side, vowing to love her forever. Except the man in her premonition doesn’t belong to her- he belongs to her twin sister, Elsie.

Haunted by what they know and what they are afraid to find out, all three women must make a choice: in the face of certain destiny should you chase the outcome that’s “meant to be”, or throw away fate and choose your own future?

My Review

 ‘Secrets in the Shadows’ is a romantic saga spanning three generations of women over two centuries. The writing style makes easy reading but this story is extraordinary. A strange mystical thread binds each generation. In a battle of fate versus free will can Grace and Elsie stop their hereditary gift from becoming a curse and avoid past tragedies?

Moving seamlessly through the twentieth into the twenty-first century interwoven historical references and social norms enhance the poignant tales of Rose, Louisa, Grace and Elsie and the men in their lives. Cleverly written imagery makes it easy to visualise Blackpool in the 1920’s, 1960 through to the new millennium and beyond. The plot’s embroidery of twists and turns make this compelling reading as you wonder if each generation is doomed to repeat the mistakes of their ancestors.

It’s easy to empathise with each of the women as they struggle with past emotional baggage which threatens their present life. The reader views key events from past and present points of view as the story explores past actions and present misconceptions.
‘Secrets in the Shadows’ is a poignant read for lovers of the mystical side of life, romance and twentieth century history.

I received a copy of this book from Harper Collins UK Harper Impulse via NetGalley in return for an honest review.

Secrets In The Shadows Secrets In The Shadows by Hannah Emery

My rating: 5 of 5 stars

Hannah Emery




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