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The Dragon Legacy 24 January 2014 Release Date

Dragon Legacy

I am so excited to announce ‘The Dragon Legacy’ will be released by Crimson Frost Books on 24 January 2014.

Emotionally fragile Fleur craves excitement. Will a murder mystery weekend satisfy her desire?

A serendipitous meeting with a mystery man leads naive Fleur into a  dangerous, mystical world hidden amid the dark wild hills of the English Lake District. Passion hotter than a dragon’s breath ignites. Dragons, demons wolves and witches clash in apocalyptic battles.

Abducted Fleur becomes an unwitting pawn in the demon’s revenge against the dragon lord. In a horrific battle for survival Fleur must overcome her inner fears and outwit the demon to have the life she wants with Lukas………

Dragon and demon slayer Lukas Draco must find the last dragon egg buried a millennium ago in the shadow of Helvellyn. The survival of humanity depends on his mission’s success.

Lukas a loner, fights the magnetic pull of Fleur’s unusual aura. Torn. His emotions threaten his rationality. If Fleur is his soul mate she must survive in his paranormal world. Fiery passion erupts from dark despair and throws the mismatched pair into intimate contact. The integrity of his mission threatened Lukas must choose. The dragon egg or his soul mate….

© Jane Hunt 31 July 2013

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Jane x

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Animal Friends and a Walk in the Sunshine Sunday May 26 2013

Writers and their animal friends seem to be a recurring theme in blogs at the moment. Since I currently have two wonderful animals sharing my life I thought I would introduce them to you and share a few recent photographs I have taken.

I took these pictures of Tom this afternoon after Jazz ,Vince and I returned from a lovely walk in the sunshine. Not to be outdone he was doing a little sunbathing himself. At fourteen Tom is still full of surprises. He has always enjoyed sitting in planters but this is the funniest to date. 🙂

2013-05-26 15.23.00Jazz my border collie/German shepherd  is nearly nine and my constant companion. He always walks and runs at least three times further than we do. Hence his exhaustion when he gets home. 🙂

Jazz needs a snooze after his walk.

As the writers among you will know writing is a solitary occupation having Jazz and Tom around to share my day is wonderful.

Whilst we  walked I took a few photographs of things and places that caught my interest.  Ancient caves were my most exciting discovery. Just how I imagined the caves  in ‘The Dragon Legacy’ .

Reminded me of the cave entrance in 'The Dragon Legacy'.
Reminded me of the cave entrance in ‘The Dragon Legacy’.

Check out ‘The Dragon Legacy ‘board on my Pinterest for more pictures of the caves.

Here are a few more things I saw. I never cease to be amazed how lovely the countryside is a short walk from my house. 🙂

Old railway bridge
Old railway bridge
Lovely houses hidden in the trees
Lovely houses hidden in the trees
Baby ducks explore in the sunshine.
Baby ducks explore in the sunshine.

Hope you had a lovely Sunday Jx

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‘The Dragon Legacy’

2013-04-30 16.33.28

‘The Dragon Legacy’ was my entry for last year’s ‘SYTYCW’ competition run by Harlequin/Mills&Boon. It was also the first novel I’d written for twelve years. I really enjoyed the whole experience especially the fantastic group of writers that I met there. Many of whom are now Twitter and Facebook friends.

My entry didn’t final and wasn’t picked up by the editors but I did have some really useful feedback from other writers. The main consensus was that I had built my paranormal world well but that I had too many characters in the first chapter and it was difficult to identify the hero and heroine. I took this feedback on board and re wrote the first three chapters with these comments in mind.

In January this year I decided ‘The Dragon Legacy’ was ready for submission and I entered a Twitter pitch for Crimson Romance. I was asked to send my full manuscript.  After just over a month I received a standard rejection letter and was gutted. However this is all new to me so I wanted to treat it as a learning experience.I emailed back and politely asked for feedback. The feedback I received was that I had made a number of beginner mistakes in my submission.

One of the suggestions to correct this was to find a  critique partner. I had read numerous articles on the writers’ craft but I have to confess I didn’t understand all that was said. A chance conversation on Twitter with one of my writer friends led to her offering to read ‘The Dragon Legacy’. Her enthusiasm and suggestions made me decide to rewrite parts of the manuscript. It seems I was a typical head hopper for Point Of View (POV) something my rewrite has rectified.

I am much happier with the story now and hope to find it a home in the coming months.

Dragon Legacy

I have a Facebook page for ‘The Dragon Legacy’ and a Google+ page called ‘My Books’ so I have decided to post parts of the synopsis and snippets from ‘The Dragon Legacy’ there in the next few weeks. My hope is that people will check them out and let me know what they think. Some of you will know that I love Pinterest and there are links on both pages to my Pinterest board for ‘The Dragon Legacy’.

Here is   snippet from Chapter 1 …. not posted elsewhere.

Absorbed in her appraisal Fleur didn’t see Lukas slant a glance in her direction. The look of rapt absorption, he surprised on her face stilled his breath. She was looking at him hungrily, as if he was a delicacy she would love to taste. The sound of his blood thundering echoed in his head. His eyes flared with passion as arousal exploded in every inch of his body.The uncomfortable tightness of his designer jeans; a testimony to his body’s readiness to act.

Belatedly he realised he’d stopped talking in mid sentence. Jasmine was looking at him expectantly in the rear view mirror, her green eyes full of laughter. What was he saying? The power of speech had deserted him. His body unconsciously leaned into Fleur’s, anxious to give her, what her eyes said she wanted. No. Not here. Not her. Fleur was too innocent for him.’

Watch out for the snippets and let me know what you think. 🙂

J x