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3*Review of Mystique Rogue Diane Taylor


Mystique Rogue is an unusual novel which encompasses more than one genre. There are strong paranormal and suspense elements in the plot as well as fantasy, history and horror but the overriding theme is dark erotic romance.

The sexual description in the book is explicit. A world of sexual dominance and submission is exposed. I found the abuse scenes upsetting. This said if you decide to take the risk you will enjoy a well written, believable story which ensures good triumphs over evil with a little help from the supernatural.

The characters of Carmen, Sean and Duncan are intriguing and multi dimensional. They ground the fantastical elements of the story and ensure the reader’s interest.

Despite the darkness of some of the story’s themes there is also passion, humour and suspense which make it an easy and worthwhile read.

If you’re prepared to step into a dark world and are not easily shocked then Mystique Rogue is for you.

Mystique Rogue contains some content only suitable for adults.

‘I was given a copy of this book by the publisher in return for an honest review.’