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A Guide to Love – Remy – Meet My Character Blog Tour

My friend Christy Newton is guest blogging here today and is going to introduce one of her characters as part of the meet my character blog tour. Over to you Christy. 🙂

Lovely Jane Hunt invited me to take part in the Meet My Character Blog Tour. Last week she introduced me to Zane the wolf shifter from The Dragon Legacy. You can read about him here.


Sexy and determined, Remy Rosetto must go to Sand Crest Island to find a letter from his grandfather in order to earn his inheritance. Remy finds the island quaint, but really just wants to get back to his penthouse in New York… even richer than he already is. He has no interest what the island has to offer until he runs into exotic Daphne.



Remy is sexy! And he smells like spice cake and heaven.

Here is a quote from a reviewer about Remy:

“Now Remy.. oh Remy! Mr. Sex on a stick, man in a suit…. He’s charming, SEXY, loving, sweet and cares a lot about Daphne. You will fall for his charm, gestures and little things he does for Daphne. And the realizations that come to him on this overall journey for him. And you will love him with his fabulous lines.” Remy is also very determined to get what he wants, especially when what he wants changes from his inheritance to Daphne.”

Here is an excerpt:


‘He grinned. “I’m staying.” “Fine.” She stood up. “Help me to my room, then.” Remy smiled as if he’d won a prize. He put his arm around her waist and helped her hobble to her room. When they reached her door, he turned her to face him. “Goodnight.” Without warning, he moved his lips to hers. When he slipped his tongue into her mouth, instead of protesting, she grabbed the back of his head and pressed his mouth harder into hers. Dizziness consumed her. His hands massaged her butt as he pulled her closer into the hardness of him. Mmm. He tasted as good as he smelled.’


You can purchase A Guide to Love for only .99 cents here:

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I would like to invite:

Susanne Matthews

Deborah O’Neill Cordes

Christine S. Feldman

Jennifer De Cuir

Meredith Daniels

To share their amazing characters with us.

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Meet My Character Blog Tour – Zane – Wolf Shifter- The Revenge Masquerade (The Dragon Legacy Series #2)

My wonderful writing pal Shehanne Moore – Smexy Historical Romance invited me to take part in the Meet My Character Blog Tour.

Courtesy of Shehanne Moore’s Smexy Historical Blog

Last week she introduced the courtesan half of her next novel

‘The Viking and the Courtesan’

Lady Malice.-  You  can read about her here.


I’m introducing my latest hero Zane the wolf shifter who many of you may remember from The Dragon Legacy.
Zane and his witch Jasmine made such an impact on me and my readers that I wrote their story as the second book in The Dragon Legacy Series even though neither of them are dragons. 🙂

I enjoyed putting together my Pinterest board for the Revenge Masquerade, particularly searching for visual inspiration for Zane both the man and the wolf.

Zane met Lukas nearly a thousand years ago when the dragon saved him from demons who slayed his family…

‘The angry cries of desperation from his allies, the wolf- shifters, alerted him. He swooped and scorched the demons with his fiery breath. Too late. All the wolf-shifters lay dead, except for Zane. He still fought, covered in blood and gore, with tears of hate and grief on his face. He didn’t notice Lukas at first, fighting for his life with increased desperation as he watched his family die around him. The
attack was so quick; the wolves couldn’t shift in time. Zane killed the last demon as Lukas landed.’

Fire met Ice when Jasmine saw Zane

‘A flash of silver hair caught her attention as Jasmine carried a tray of clean glasses out of the conservatory. Zane, she ignored the unexpected hypnotic pull. She wouldn’t turn round for another man in pursuit of her power.
“Hi, shall I walk you into dinner?” Zane’s deep voice forced her acknowledgement of him, so Jasmine smiled. “Thanks, but,” she indicated her outfit, glad of her watertight excuse, “as you can see I’m the hired help. I’ll be serving at the table rather than sitting at it.” ‘

‘Zane ushered her into the alcove, dominated by a beautiful lemon tree. Her stiff shoulders betrayed her annoyance, but her body relaxed as his warmth enveloped her. A small victory since Jasmine let his alpha behavior pass without comment. “You need to stay away from Xavier. He knows who you are. He wants your power.” Jasmine’s gaze clouded. “I don’t understand. What do you mean, who I am?” He didn’t have time for games. “He knows you’re a witch!” ‘

Zane is a heartbreaker…

 ‘He smiled at the thought of the fiery haired witch saving herself for him. Strong willed, powerful and a future guardian witch, she didn’t need a man to complete her life. Fortunately he was more than a man.”I have to go Jasmine.”
“You’re leaving now?” Shock and disbelief filled her emerald gaze hastily masked. “Oh, I see. You meant to say goodbye and leave before and instead we… This was a mistake then.” She looked away but not quickly enough for him to miss the sheen of tears which marred her sparkling green eyed gaze.’

And a Fighter…

‘Zane launched himself at Xavier
and pinned him against the jagged rock. He threw his head back and plunged in for the kill.’

All excerpts- ©The Dragon Legacy Series  Jane Hunt –  Crimson Frost Books 2013/2014

Follow Zane’s adventures in The Revenge Masquerade out December 2014 from Crimson Frost Books.

 I would like to invite:

Susan Arden

Tracey Rogers

Fiona Chapman

Christy Newton

To share  one of their fabulous characters with us. 🙂