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Jasmine – The Revenge Masquerade – #2 The Dragon Legacy


The Revenge Masquerade Cover  October 26 14Jasmine

DSCN0618 Witch – Jasmine lives in the beautiful hills overlooking Lake Ullswater in the English Lake District.  She is destined to be a guardian witch. “The whole reason guardian witches exist is to maintain natural balance. My ancestors won’t let evil dominate any more than they would allow it to be completely destroyed.”


PicMonkey CollageJasmine’s powerful aura attracts supernaturals. Demon – Xavier from The Dragon Legacy was intrigued by  Jasmine.’The dark-haired man appeared fascinated with Jasmine. – All women acquiesced when they fell under the spell of his midnight black gaze. Except Jasmine; she intrigued him. Her potent aura represented a source of usable power.


ZaneWolf shifter – Zane fought his attraction to Jasmine in The Dragon Legacy. ‘Zane released her. Did she believe him? He cursed the rush of blood to his groin and growled with frustration. He hoped the feisty witch followed his advice.‘ but it continued into The Revenge Masquerade. ‘His hackles rose and then flattened in recognition of the scent: a mixture of flowers and spice unique to Jasmine. He resisted the urge to shift into his human form. As a wolf, their encounter would remain platonic. His mind and heart warred over the morality of his desires. He couldn’t stay. His mission necessitated he leave immediately. Was it fair to take Jasmine’s heart and leave her alone with needs mere memories wouldn’t satisfy? The wolf ignored his human conscience. Time was short and the instinctive need to brand the flame-haired witch with his mark too strong. He shifted back into his human form.


 When ancient evil threatens The Dragon Legacy, Jasmine must embrace  her destiny in The Revenge Masquerade. ‘Although she’d talked her powers up in front of the others, they were essentially untried. Failure in the face of such a dire enemy would mean certain death, unthinkable.


Find out on 16 December if Jasmine becomes the kick ass witch she is destined to be.