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4* Review: One Scandalous Kiss – Christy Carlyle – An Accidental Heirs Novel


Historical Blurb

When a scheming marquess’ daughter offers her one hundred pounds to publicly kiss a nobleman, a desperate Jessamin Wright agrees. She believes the money will save her failing bookstore and finally free her from her father’s debts. But when Jess bursts into an aristocratic party and shocks the entire ton, she never expects to enjoy the outrageous embrace she shares with a grim viscount.

Lucius Crawford, Viscount Grimsby, has never met, or kissed, anyone like the beautiful suffragette who unsettles him with a single touch. He has always strived for control and avoided passion at all costs. Lucius is determined to protect his title and restore the estate he’s unexpectedly inherited, but Jess’ appearance in his life poses a threat to his plans and his heart. After a country house party brings them together once more, neither can resist temptation, and both find that one scandalous kiss just isn’t enough

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Historical My Review

This is an intriguing romance, set in late Victorian England, full of sensual chemistry and interesting characters.One Scandalous Kiss (Accidental Heirs, #1)

Jessamin, a suffragette, agrees to create a scandal, because she is struggling to keep her late father’s debt ridden bookshop open. Kissing a nobleman, in the midst of the ton, is far out of her comfort zone but needs must and the scandal she causes is the least of her worries. Lucius is the accidental heir to a crumbling estate, with his father’s diminishing mental health; marrying money is the way to save his ancestral home and appease his demanding father. Fate intervenes; will he forsake his duty for love?

Vividly written with some surprises, for both Jessamin and Lucius, there are lots of noteworthy supporting characters, particularly Aunt Augusta. The chemistry between Jessamin and Lucius is tantalising and the ending, perfect fairytale romance.
I am looking forward to the next book in the series.

One Scandalous Kiss by Christy Carlyle
My rating: 4 of 5 stars

One Scandalous Kiss (Accidental Heirs, #1) by Christy Carlyle

Christy Carlyle

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5* Review: Wanton Wager – Christy Carlyle (Whitechapel Wagers Series)



 Set against the backdrop of Victorian London’s dangerous East End, a young woman’s disappearance brings together a wounded war veteran and the one woman who can see beyond his scars.

As a probationary nurse at Whitechapel’s Samaritan Hospital, Ada Hamilton is required to remain unmarried and devote her energies to helping those in need, but when her sister goes missing, she becomes obsessed with solving the mystery of her disappearance. A menacing aristocrat may hold the answers, but it is his friend, scarred Afghan War veteran William Selsby, a man with questionable intentions and haunting grey eyes, who may hold the key to her heart.

William Selsby returned wounded and broken from Afghanistan to find his betrothed married to another man. Eight years later, desperate for a woman’s touch, he accepts a wager from a debauched nobleman, winning the chance to take the man’s mistress off his hands. But the woman he encounters in Whitechapel overturns all his expectations and may be the one person who can see something worth cherishing in the man he has become, wounds and all.

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Wanton Wager: A Whitechapel Wagers NovellaMy Review

‘Wanton Wager’ is the second novella in the Whitechapel Wagers series. Set in Victorian London at the time of the ‘Ripper Atrocities’ it succinctly conveys the seedier side of nineteenth century Whitechapel and the underlying danger from a serial killer who terrorizes its inhabitants.

The wager which Will Selsby reluctantly agrees to and wins leads him to a vibrant, if slightly sordid public house in Whitechapel. Will is war-weary and mentally and physically scarred. Ada lives above the pub and works tirelessly as a probationary nurse at the local charity hospital. She is at her wit’s end searching for her missing sister. Ada and Will’s unconventional meeting at the pub reveals surprising attraction and empathy between them despite Will’s questionable motives for being there.

There are some lovely touches in this novella like the sinister quality of Lord Frederick Ashdowne given that there is a serial killer on the loose. Ada and Will’s sizzling chemistry and the couple’s sensuous love scenes.

The vivid mannerisms of the secondary characters give the story ambience and depth. You can hear the unruly characters in the pub and feel the disdain of the heartlessness aristocrats.

This is a romantic love story of two characters that are easy to like with an interesting plot and atmospheric setting. It is definitely worth reading.

I received a copy of this book from the author in return for an honest review.

 Read my review of the first book in the series Scandalous Wager

Wanton Wager: A Whitechapel Wagers Novella by Christy Carlyle

My rating: 5 of 5 stars

Wanton Wager  A Whitechapel Wagers Novella by Christy Carlyle
Christy Carlyle

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My Writing Process Blog Hop

I was asked to take part in this blog hop by the lovely Shehanne Moore whose blog I am a keen follower of. If you like an entertaining, fun read check it out  

Shehanne Moore – Smexy Historical Romance

Shehanne writes  unique historical romance which is interesting and page turning. Her three books to date are:


You can see how Shehanne answered the questions last week here:

Don’t forget to check out the two other lovely authors Shehanne nominated here:

Anne Lange 

Elizabeth M. Vayley

So here goes:

What Am I Working On At The Moment?

The second book in The Dragon Legacy series which is Jasmine and Zane’s adventure. I currently have a poll running to help me decide the title for this new story.

Here’s a little about the story  and setting:

 ‘Zane hasn’t seen Jasmine since their passionate encounter in Hallow House’s moonlit garden. After his abrupt departure Zane travels around the supernatural world spreading the news about the infant dragon. In Venice he meets Larna a dragon and sister of his friend Lukas the dragon lord. After a night meeting with paranormal creatures Zane returns to Larna’s palazzo and discovers she is locked in combat with an evil entity which looks alarmingly familiar.

Jasmine ‘s life has lost its sparkle since Zane loved and left her. Moping is not in her nature so she continues to be the life force of Hallow House’s Murder Mystery weekends and clandestine paranormal activities. At night her sleep is filled with images of Zane and their brief passionate encounter. One night the dream changes Zane is in danger and Jasmine must find him.’        

©Jane Hunt 2014

‘I decided on the Italian Lakes and Venice for Jasmine and Zane’s romantic adventure.

{{Imagecredit|credit=Astrid Zasburg|
{{Imagecredit|credit=Astrid Zasburg|

Lake Garda is a beautiful dichotomy of rugged often snowy mountains and clear calm lakes bordered by pretty villages and towns.

 Taken by A W MacFadyen. released by owner to public domain.
Taken by A W MacFadyen. released by owner to public domain.

 Taken by A W MacFadyen. released by owner to public domain.
Taken by A W MacFadyen. released by owner to public domain.

Bardolino is a town close to Lake Garda famed for its wine which is made from the grapes growing on the surrounding hillsides.’


How Does My Work Differ From Others Of The Genre?

The Dragon Legacy CoverThe Dragon Legacy combines fantasy and paranormal romance. My stories take place in  the human world  but there is crossover  with the paranormal dimension. 

One reviewer called The Dragon Legacy a quirky fantasy romance, a label which I like and agree with.  Nothing is what it seems on first acquaintance and every character hides behind a masque to protect their true self.

My stories are urban fantasy meets fairytale with a little apocalyptic drama thrown in.

Why Do I Write What I Do?

 I write about things that interest me. As a new writer I am still experimenting to see what I write best and enjoy the most.

The Dragon Legacy evolved over a period of six months before I knew where the story was going and what the end would be. Although I am a planner and a control freak in most things, when I write  I may plan in my head but I also let my imagination run free.  I think this makes my stories unique and okay a little quirky.

Aside from paranormal/fantasy romance I am also writing a contemporary romantic suspense and a Gothic historical story which I flit between as the mood takes me. 

I love paranormal  and Regency Historical novels maybe my next project might combine the two???

 I find it difficult to restrain my stories to one or two main characters.  I try but in my first drafts secondary characters are always far more prominent than the traditional romance genre allows.

How Does Your Writing Process Work?

Not sure I have one.  I aim to write every day and I do but not always the story I should be writing. I work best under pressure so I like deadlines because they make me finish things. I am easily distracted and there are lots of family members filling up my space to encourage this trait. I am aiming to write four stories a year let’s see how it goes for 2014.

And now to the lovely writers I am inviting to the next stage of the My Writing Process Blog Hop:

Susan Arden

   Susan Arden’s Romance Realms

Susan Arden Blog

 Susan found the proverbial door shut-window open scenario and leapt into the realm of writing scorching romance across several genres including Western, paranormal, and multicultural. A former educator within the fields of special education and biology, she dreams of returning to teaching or mentoring students interested in creative writing. She relishes great lines, laughs, and people who are off the wall. She lives near Nashville with her husband and has college-aged girls along with a slew of animals ranging from furry to scaled.

Jennifer Faye

Jennifer Faye:  Hearts and Scribbles

In another life, Jennifer Faye was a statistician. She still has a love for numbers, formulas and spreadsheets, but when she was presented with the opportunity to follow her lifelong passion to spend her days writing and pursuing her dream of becoming a Harlequin author, she couldn’t pass it up. These days when she’s not writing, Jennifer enjoys reading, fine needlework, quilting, tweeting and cheering on the Pittsburgh Penguins. She lives in Pennsylvania with her amazingly patient husband, two remarkably talented daughters and their two very spoiled furbabies otherwise known as cats, but shh…don’t tell them they’re not human.

Jennifer loves to hear from readers—you can contact her via her website.

Christy Carlyle

Romancing the Victorians Blog

Christy Carlyle writes sensual, and sometimes downright steamy, historical romance, usually set in the Victorian era or Regency period. She loves heroes who struggle against all odds and heroines that are ahead of their time. A former teacher with a degree in history, she finds there is nothing better than being able to combine her love of the past with her die-hard belief in happy endings.

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5* Review Scandalous Wager Christy Carlyle

Scandalous WagerToday I am reviewing Scandalous Wager Christy Carlyle’s debut novel. Christy designed the fabulous cover of my debut e-book The Dragon Legacy.

Here’s what to expect from Scandalous Wager:

Set against the backdrop of London’s dangerous East End in 1888, Victorian propriety and passions collide when a spinster strikes a scandalous bargain with a detective caught up in the investigation of the Ripper mystery.

Elizabeth Ainsworth has decided she will never marry. Years spent on the shelf have taught her plain looks and a distinct lack of ladylike talents won’t win a proposal from any of the eligible young constables or inspectors her Detective Chief Inspector father invites to their home. Most of them are too busy staring at her younger, prettier sister anyway. And Lizzy is content to be a spinster, especially if it means she can continue with her charity work in Whitechapel. But she has one lingering regret. She wants to experience passion at least once in her life and, most of all, she wants to experience it with Ian Reed.

Detective Inspector Ian Reed has aspirations to ascend the ranks of the Metropolitan Police, and he hopes proving himself to his superior, Detective Chief Inspector Ainsworth, will help him get there. A series of brutal murders plaguing Whitechapel have him working long hours, so when Ainsworth’s daughter shows up on his doorstep and offers herself to him, he fears he might be dreaming. Fascinated with Lizzy from the moment he meets her, Ian is determined to spend more than one night in her arms, despite what it might cost both of them.’

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My Review

The first novella in the Whitechapel Wagers Series Scandalous Wager is set in Victorian London at the height of the ‘Ripper’ atrocities. The characters in this fast paced story make an instant impact.

Elizabeth (Lizzy) is an intelligent headstrong heroine who is tired of her virginity and with strong reservations about marriage even if it was likely she wants to experience the passion of carnal love.

Ian the sexy diligent Metropolitan Police Detective Inspector has only met Elizabeth at formal soirees at Detective Chief Inspector Ainsworth’s home. Surprise is not the only emotion he feels when she visits his Whitechapel lodgings alone.

This is an atmospheric tale. Whilst aware of the poverty, oppression of women and the inherent danger of living in East End London in the late 19th Century you focus on the passion igniting between Lizzy and Ian. The love scenes are sensuous and leave you wanting more.

A lovely insight into Victorian Whitechapel society I can’t wait for more.

I received a copy of this e-book from the author in return for an honest review.

Scandalous Wager by Christy Carlyle

My rating: 5 of 5 stars

Scandalous Wager

Christy Carlyle

 Newly published Victorian era romance author Christy Carlyle is often accused of having her head in the clouds, but most often 19th century England serves as the setting of her daydreams. A period of immense industrial and technological innovation as well as social change, the era offers plenty to inspire story ideas and challenge her characters, whether they be self-made rogues, heartbroken aristocrats, or the forward-thinking women who love them.

A former English and history teacher, Christy has a BA in history and is working on an MA in English literature. When she’s not writing or studying, she works as a book cover artist/graphic designer and freelance editor. When all else is done, she relishes time spent with her little family unit: Scottish husband (though not a kilt wearer, unfortunately) and brother and sister shelter cats.

Connect with Christy here:

Romancing the Victorians Blog




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