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4* Review- Caroline Storer- The Roman’s Revenge – #SummerImpulse



For wealthy merchant Metellus, nothing is as important as his desire for revenge. Ever since his father’s death, he’s been planning to wreak vengeance on those responsible. So when he rescues the daughter of his sworn enemy, Livia Drasus from a shipwreck Metellus sees an opportunity to set his plans in motion.

…is fair game in his planned revenge!

Making Livia his wife is the perfect way to get close to her family. What Metellus doesn’t expect is the fire that burns so passionately when he takes feisty Livia to his bed! Falling for his wife was never part of the plan, and soon he stands to lose more than he ever thought possible. Now Metellus must decide, is gaining his revenge worth risking his heart?

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The Roman's Revenge

The Roman Empire immediately conjures up images of war, occupation and riches but this story is primarily is about revenge. Roman society’s political intrigue, the importance of reputation and the back stabbing ethos are well defined. As are the consequence of falling foul of society’s whims.
Metellus seeks revenge for his father who fell from grace after the political manipulation of Livia’s father. A tragic accident aids Metellus’ revenge. Essentially a noble man, Metellus does act dishonourably towards Livia on many occasions and uses her feelings for him to his own advantage. Strong willed Livia refuses to be the pawn in his revenge fest.
An interesting historical tale enriched with sensual tension between Livia and Metellus against a background of malicious gossip and deception.
I received a copy of this book from Harper Impulse via NetGalley in return for an honest review.

The Roman’s Revenge by Caroline Storer

My rating: 4 of 5 stars

The Roman's Revenge by Caroline Storer

Caroline Storer

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4*Review: The Roman – Caroline Storer


I love reading historical romance this debut novel caught my eye because its set  in a much earlier time period than I usually read. Here’s what to expect:

The one woman he ever loved was the one woman who betrayed him.

And now, the Roman will have his revenge…

Marsallas and Justina were young, beautiful and desperately in love once, until a tragic betrayal tore them apart.

Six years have passed since that day, and Marsallas has since thrown himself into the deadly world of chariot racing, gaining fortune, fame, and a salacious reputation throughout Rome. His bed is kept warm by a different woman each night, but his heart remains iced over as the memory of Justina’s betrayal continues to haunt him.

The last thing he expects is to see her again, but when she steps back into his life, he sees a chance to avenge his broken heart.

But beneath the hurt, an attraction so intense still burns between the two, and as their fates begin to intertwine once more, their determination to resist one another starts to falter…

My Review

The Roman‘The Roman’ is a powerful love story about betrayal and second chances. Written using modern language with well placed historical references it gives the reader a taste of Ancient Rome without slowing the pace of the story.

Marsallas and Justina are characters typical of the time period made memorable because they break away from their expected life paths to find fulfilment. Justina’s artistic talent saves her from madness tied to a cruel man who views her as a possession rather than a companion. Marsallas runs from his safe but barren life and becomes a Chariot Rider the Roman equivalent of a celebrity footballer in the 21st century.

Marsallas is a tortured sexy man who has no use for human emotion. Justina still values love and family despite the degradation and abuse she has suffered in her young life. Fate throws the tragic young lovers together again but is revenge the only emotion binding them?

The interplay between Marsallas and Justina is engaging and full of sexual tension reaching a delightfully steamy peak. Full of angst this story makes you walk an emotional tightrope right until the last page. Thankfully it is worth the effort.

I received a copy of this book from Harper Impulse via NetGalley in return for an honest review.

The Roman by Caroline Storer

My rating: 4 of 5 stars

The Roman

Caroline Storer

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