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4* Review:Capturing the Earl’s Love Jane Lark Marlow Intrigues#4

22009508Rupert Stanforth, Earl of Morton, is exasperated by his sister’s choice of friend. Meredith Divine clings, using Rowena’s plain appearance as a foil for her auburn curls and fuller figure. He would break the friendship, but the more he complains, the more time the girls spend together. Ceasing his disagreement, he hopes the friendship will die, believing Meredith will take a wrong step soon…

Meredith clings to her only friend, Lady Rowena Stanforth, despite the disgusted looks thrown by Rowena’s proud, judgmental brother. Lord Morton cannot abide Meredith because of her low standing, but Meredith’s heart favours him . . . then in his single act of kindness, Meredith grasps an opportunity she cannot resist…


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 Capturing the Earl's Love‘Capturing the Earl’s Love’ is full of forbidden attraction, oppression and prejudice. A romantic tale with an insightful glimpse beneath the glamour of polite Regency society.
An Earl cannot be attracted to a trade heiress. A daughter must obey her father, even if means a lifetime of unhappiness. These are the rules of Regency society which Rupert and Meredith dare to challenge. Will passion and infatuation be enough for them to find their happy ending?Realistically flawed characters and a fast paced plot make this an enjoyable quick read.

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Capturing the Earl’s Love by Jane Lark

My rating: 4 of 5 stars

Capturing the Earl's Love by Jane Lark

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