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Two Author Blog Challenges – In Five Years? and My Latest Book. #LifeBooksWriting


 So it’s two posts in one this week from me.  Last week I was involved in the Harper Impulse Readathon- #SummerImpulse, which left me no time to write the ‘In 5 years… Author Blog Challenge post. So I’ve combined it with this week’s- ‘My Latest Book’ and a snippet from my work in progress. Yes I know. I’m two days late but the weeks have been so busy lately, with Family and a new project, which I will be sharing with you in the next few months, not writing related but still very exciting. Now back to the Author Blog Challenge.


In 5 Years...

  •  Still be writing books that people want to read…

  •  Manage to write consistently, so I can write four books a year.

  • Still be blogging and keep adding followers to my blog because they like what I write.

  • Be living in a house with a view.

  • And most importantly to be healthy and happy.

    My Latest Book...

 My latest published book was released in February this year by Limitless Publishing and is a romantic mystery thriller set in Texas called The Dangerous Gift. This was my first book I’d written in this genre and I loved writing it. Written as a standalone read, the publishers wanted me to write another, so I am currently writing book 2 – currently titled  Hazardous Knowledge’, which will be set mainly in the UK.


Available on Amazon and Free on Kindle Unlimited.

Amazon  Amazon UK 


 The Dangerous Gift – Jennie – Chapter 3

‘Jared took Harry’s place. “I saw the card. Did you even read it before you ran off? Why didn’t you show it to me?”

Jennie’s face heated. Her stomach churned. She didn’t deserve Jared’s anger. “You seemed busy. Who was at the office door?”

Jared leaned back in his chair. He wouldn’t look at her. “A friend.”

Jennie suppressed her tears. “I didn’t recognize her.”

“Her name’s Darleen. She owns the neighbouring ranch.” Jared’s bored tone implied the information was of no importance.

“You must know each other pretty well.” Jennie wouldn’t be put off. She’d seen them kissing and wanted to know why.

“Darleen worries about me. She didn’t realize I’d gone to find you.” Jared still didn’t look at her.

“Do you think?” Jennie jumped up and leaned back against the porch rail with a sigh.

“We’re just neighbours, Jen…” Jared’s intransigence fueled Jennie’s anger.

“More like friends with benefits.” Now she sounded jealous. Very mature, Jennie.

Jared’s eyes heated, then softened. “She’s a drama queen, like you. She wanted to pay her condolences in person. Nothing more.” Clear blue eyes stared back and dared her to contradict him.

Jared’s image blurred as Jennie’s teary eyes betrayed her. “You kissed her.”

“Jen, don’t do this. Not here.” Jared ran his fingers through his short-cropped hair.

Jennie looked around her, aware they were the focus of avid interest. “Let’s go someplace else. I need some space and privacy.”

Jared took a breath. “I can’t abandon everyone again. This will have to wait until after the wake.” He leapt up and covered Jennie’s hands with his own much-larger one. “If you read the note, it must have scared you. I’ll find out who sent it and make them sorry they did.”

“I did read it. I wanted to show it to you—” Jennie gulped and brushed tears from her cheeks, “—before I saw you kissing what’s-her-name…Darleen. Someone must know about Annie and Ralf’s will. Otherwise, why threaten me?”

“It looks that way. Leave it to me, Jen. I’ll sort it,” Jared said in harsh, hushed tones. “In case you’re interested, Darleen kissed me, not the other way round. I couldn’t push her away. It would have hurt her feelings.”

“You managed it with me.” Jennie turned away, her survival instincts kicking in. She must escape from Jared before she made a fool of herself. “I need some water.”

“Fine. Sit down. I’ll fetch you some.” Jared pointed her in the direction of the swing seat and walked into the crowd of mourners.

Jennie immediately regretted her emotional outburst. What chance did she have with Jared if he was already seeing someone else? She leaned back into the comfy seat and closed her eyes, searching for calm in her troubled mind.’

©Jane Hunt 2016

Past Shadows Cover 2Past Shadows is the latest book I have completed, this is a Regency historical romance with a ghostly twist. I am still searching for the right publisher for this unusual story  or I may self- publish.  Here’s an excerpt…

Poppy - Excerpt

Past Shadows -Chapter 3

“I’m sorry if I make you nervous Mrs. Osborne,” Justin’s arctic smile made a mockery of his apology.

Lucy brazened it out. “Why would you make me nervous Mr. Bracken?” Her expression tinged with boredom, as she smoothed non-existent creases from her dark blue muslin gown.

“Your body betrays you m’dear.” Justin stared at her hands, which still trembled despite her conscious effort to still them. “So if I agreed to abandon my search for the fire setter and agreed to work towards better working conditions for my workforce, what would you give me in return?”

Lucy’s gaze clashed with his, this man was full of surprises. “Why would you do that? To prove how different you are from your father, what could I offer you to compensate such generosity?”

“You…” Justin’s heated stare seared her body from the ends of her hair to the tips of her toes, now curling in her satin slippers.

Lucy ignored the message implicit in his regard and responded to the literal meaning of his words. “Of course, I will help you but why now, when you believe me guilty of treachery?” She spoke quickly, desperate to end his visual onslaught on her aroused body.

“No. I think you misunderstand me Madam, deliberately perhaps?  Make no mistake, I want you, your body to be precise, for my exclusive use for as long as I desire,” he paused to allow the full import of his words to register.

Lucy gasped and fell back against the chair, a distant part of her shocked mind was grateful for its plush softness. “You’re offering me carte blanche, even though you know I’m a respectable widow and your vicar’s daughter, how reprehensible of you.”

“Indeed but you may enjoy it more than you believe. Shall I prove it to you perhaps?” Justin closed the distance between them in one stride, pushing the tea table aside, heedless of the juddering china and the tea splashing, onto the white lawn cloth.

Lucy clenched her hands tightly in her lap and met his amused look. Her apparent nonchalance disappeared with alacrity, as he squatted down and enveloped her tiny hands in his calloused ones. Her mind registered surprise; his hands were hard and obviously work roughened. Perhaps he wasn’t just the rich man’s son; he appeared to be on first acquaintance.  She couldn’t suppress the shudder, as the warmth from his hands flooded into her where they touched. She wanted to see if he felt the same. Their gazes clashed; his darkened to an inky, midnight blue. Arousal her mind suggested, remembering how her sweet husband’s eyes darkened when he kissed her, so long ago now…She drew in a shaky breath, out of her depth, mesmerized by the intent in his stare. He would kiss her, before she took her next breath if she didn’t move, scream, anything to dispel this intimacy between them.’         

©Jane Hunt 2016

Sunday Snippet


And here’s what I’m working on now… A snippet from ‘The Silhouette’.

The Silhouette - 1






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Find Me on #Wattpad – JaneHunt5

Past Shadows Cover 2 I decided to share my current work  in progress on #Wattpad yesterday.

My motivations behind sharing this unfinished story are; to find out if people want to read it and motivate myself to finish writing it .

If you’d like to read it click on the link:

Past Shadows.

 I will be posting part 2, on Tuesday.

The Dangerous Gift   E book CoverI’m posting Part 2 of The Dangerous Gift today.

 If you’d like to read this,click on the link:

The Dangerous Gift.

Happy Sunday!

Spring is nearly here.

That must be why its so cold and wet today.  🙂

2013-04-10 12.53.23

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How Good a Multitasker Am I? #NaNoWriMo and Edits?

The Dragon Legacy Series Tomorrow sees the start of  the National Novel Writing Month #NaNoWriMo. Writers attempt to write a 50,000 word novel in a month. I entered last year but only managed about a quarter of that target because I was editing my debut novel The Dragon Legacy that released December 2013.

THE REVENGE MASQ-LARGEThis year I am in a similar position with the release of my second book in The  Dragon Legacy series,  The Revenge Masquerade in December 2014.

I have decided to enter even though it will test my multitasking and time- management skills to the limit. 🙂 My edits will be my top priority but however much I write of my new novel it will bring it closer to completion.

Past Shadows CoverPast Shadows is a Gothic, historical romance. I started it last year in NaNo and so this year I intend to add to it. I’m aiming for a finished word count of around 70,000 so If I can write 50,000 in the contest that will be great.


Justin Bracken has no choice but to resign his commission and return home to the cotton mills, when his father falls ill. Unrest among the workers, fire, death and an opinionated woman all seek to make his new life every bit as dangerous as the military battles he fought in the past.

Young widow and vicar’s daughter Lucinda Osborne is born out of her time. When her husband dies, she returns to her father’s home determined to improve the lives of the mill workers she grew up with. Mill owner, Charles Bracken refuses her offer to educate the workers’ children and threatens her. Lucinda narrowly escapes his unwelcome attentions, thanks to the rugged stranger who intervenes.
A fire at the mill and the sudden death of the mill owner has profound implications for Lucinda, who suspects her cousins’ are responsible. Determined to save them from the hangman’s noose, she risks her own reputation to do so.

Grief stricken by his father’s sudden death, Justin cannot forget his father’s last words, accusing Lucinda of starting the fire in the mill. Determined to find out the truth Justin summons the vicar’s daughter to the manor. Intuitively he knows she is not guilty but believes she knows who is. In an attempt to get to the truth and unable to control his inconvenient passion, he makes her an indecent proposal but will she accept?


Captain Justin Bracken surveyed his father’ empire as he savored the smooth, aged whiskey, which slipped down his throat and left a pleasant warmness in its wake. The pristine, white manor house purposely built by his father, Charles Bracken, with the majority of windows facing the mills so he could admire his handiwork and spy on his workforce, in case anyone dared to shirk their duty or steal from him.
Justin cast a desultory eye around the palatial library where he sat; it was full of leather bound first editions, no one would ever read. Part of the pretence his father insisted upon, believing it made his money more acceptable to the landed gentry. Charles’ wealth owed more to the hard work of others, than birthright but maybe the similarities to old money were not so different, the chosen few, profited from the toil and poverty of the masses.
How typical of his father to prefer an industrial view rather than the exquisite greenery that surrounded them. The mills cut a swath through the valley. Tall multi- windowed, brick buildings and their interconnecting paths rose from the green hills and woods and ruined the little piece of heaven he so enjoyed as a boy. Justin didn’t share his father’s passion for commerce but Charles’ apoplexy, which stiffened the left side of his well-built body and limited his mobility, made his overseeing the three mills untenable. As the only son and heir Justin resigned his commission in the army, his chosen career of more than fifteen years and returned to the Derbyshire countryside and the family business.
A perfectly proportioned female form drew his silver- eyed gaze as she walked close to the mill ponds, the source of power for the two cotton mills. The woman stopped and looked back as if she could feel the weight of his stare. Justin stepped back from the long sash window. She flicked a stray hair from her face and carried on her way. He couldn’t discern her facial features but the vibrant mahogany red of her hair triggered a long ago memory of a young girl he secretly played hide and seek with, in the little wood. It couldn’t be little Lucy surely she would be long married and moved away by now. He turned away but a shadow in the mill window far below, stopped him. He stared at the dusty window and thought he saw a woman staring back at him but no one would be on the mill’s top floor which served as a store for the raw cotton. The creaking protest of a door hinge followed by the slam of the heavy oak door against the dark oak panelling drew his attention away from the window.’

©Jane Hunt October 2014


Follow my progress over the next month here on my blog and on the NaNoWriMo website.


 3 November 2014 – #Update – Initial Edits completed and returned to Editor 🙂 Now for #NaNo

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My New and Nearly New Projects – Past Shadows


Pleasley Vale Inspiration for Past Shadows

2013-04-21 14.48.09

Pleasley Vale - Inspiration for Past Shadows Past Shadows is a Gothic, historical romance inspired by Pleasley Vale,mills in Derbyshire. The  area is steeped in history. Past Shadows, which I started last year in NaNo is the first  of three books inspired by the area. The old mills are currently used as commercial/industrial units and form part of a lovely walk, which is how I first discovered them.2013-05-26 13.16.12

 The second book as yet untitled has Pleasley Pit as its inspiration.

Pleasley Pit

 The third book is inspired by Hardwick Hall and Estate.


 I am really excited to be exploring one of my favourite romance genres.