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Ginger and Me Elissa Soave 4*#Review @elissa_soave @HQStories #urbanfiction #literaryfiction #ScottishFiction #mystery #comingofage #GingerandMe #blogtour #bookreview #preorder

Wendy is lonely but coping.
All nineteen-year-old Wendy wants is to drive the 255 bus around Uddingston with her regulars on board, remember to buy milk when it runs out and just to be okay. After her mum died, there was nobody to remind her to eat and what to do each day.

And Wendy is ready to step out of her comfort zone.
Each week she shows her social worker the progress she’s made, like the coasters she bought to spruce up the place, even if she forgets to make tea. And she even joins a writers’ group to share the stories she writes, like the one about a bullied boy who goes to Mars.

But everything changes when Wendy meets Ginger.
A teenager with flaming orange hair, Ginger’s so brave she’s wearing a coat that isn’t even waterproof. For the first time, Wendy has a real best friend. But as they begin the summer of their lives, Wendy wonders if things were simpler before. And that’s before she realizes just how much trouble Ginger is about to get them in…

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I received a copy of this book from the publisher.

My Thoughts…

Ginger and Me explores the world through Wendy’s original viewpoint in a book of contrasts. She is a lovely mix of innocent and insightful, making her story memorable and poignant. Ginger, her friend, is more streetwise than Wendy through a life that has exposed her to the darker side of humanity. Their adventures add humour to this often heartbreaking tale. Believably complex characters draw you into their lives.

I enjoyed this resonating story’s vivid, sensual imagery, vibrant characters and lyrical writing.

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His Majesty’s Forbidden Fling Susan Meier 4*#Review @susanmeier1 #HisMajestysForbiddenFling @MillsandBoon @HarlequinBooks #MillsandBoonTrueLove #ScandalAtThePalace #HarlequinRomance #MillsandBoonInsider #BookReview #Fairytale #Cinderella

Can he resist temptation?

In this Scandal at the Palace story, widower King Jozef has been a recluse since he lost his wife five years ago. But when Rowan is employed to reform his image she makes him feel things he never felt before. A forbidden fling is one thing…but can he ever hope to make her his queen?

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I received a copy of this book from the publisher.

My Thoughts…

His Majesty’s Forbidden Fling is a modern-day fairytale romantic story set in a fantasy island kingdom in the Mediterranean with a good mix of humour and simmering passion. It’s a contemporary Cinderella-style story with a widowed King and a dedicated and successful public relations professional.

The setting is pure fantasy, but the constraints faced by a Royal are believable and add conflict to Jozef and Rowan’s romance. Rowan’s self-esteem and trust issues provide internal barriers. It’s an enjoyable romantic comedy.

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4*#Review Compromised Into A Scandalous Marriage Lydia San Andres @lydiaallthetime @MillsandBoon @HarlequinBooks #1900s #BookReview #Caribbean #historicalromance #millsandbooninsiders #harlequinhistorical #MillsandBoonHistorical #CompromisedIntoAScandalousMarriage

From island scandal

To dutiful vows.

When heiress Paulina Despradel is banished from the family Quinta in a storm, she seeks shelter with her dashing new neighbour, Sebastian Linares. Their attraction may be as electrifying as the lightning outside, but the night they spend together is totally innocent. Barely more than strangers, they must now marry. But left alone with their simmering chemistry, can they build a true union from the ashes of scandal?

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I received a copy of this book from the publisher.

My Thoughts…

Set in the 1900s in the Caribbean, this romance explores the dark issues of domestic abuse and forced marriage, making the ethos realistic whilst delivering an engaging love story between Paulina and Sebastian. The believably created menace that defines the antagonist Antonio makes the story suspenseful.

I liked how the couple, Paulina and Sebastian, gained self-esteem and learned to trust as their relationship developed. I also enjoyed the original setting and the sensitive exploration of disturbing issues. The romance is lovely, and they so deserve their happiness.

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The Garnett Girls Georgina Moore #coverreveal #TheGarnettGirls #contemporaryfiction #debut #IsleofWight #preorder @PublicityBooks @HqStories

A brilliant debut and powerful tale of sisterhood and home, set on the beautiful beaches of the Isle of Wight…

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Flawed, complicated, secretive, and big-hearted, you’ll fall in love with the Garnett girls. Margo and Richard’s love affair was the stuff legends are made of – forbidden, passionate, all-encompassing. But ultimately, doomed. When Richard walked out, Margo shut herself away from the world, leaving her three daughters, Rachel, Imogen and Sasha, to run wild.

Having finally put the past behind her, the charismatic Margo holds court in her cottage on the Isle of Wight, refusing to ever speak of Richard. But her silence is keeping each of the Garnett girls from finding true happiness. The eldest, Rachel, is desperate to return to London but is held hostage by responsibility for Sandcove, their beloved but crumbling family home. Imogen, the dreamy middle child, feels the pressure to marry her kind, considerate fiance, even when her life is taking an unexpected turn. And wild, passionate Sasha, the baby, trapped between her increasingly alienated family and her controlling husband, has unearthed the secret behind Richard’s departure… and when she reveals it, the effects are devastating.

Set on the beautiful beaches of the Isle of Wight, The Garnett Girls asks whether children can ever be free of the mistakes their parents make.

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Sun, Sea & Strawberry Shortcake, Little Duck Pond Café Rosie Green 5*#Review @Rosie_Green88 @rararesources #BlogTour #BookReview #romcom #cosymystery #LittleDuckPondCafe #SunSeaandStrawberryShortcake

It was meant to be a gloriously romantic getaway in Wales for Ruby and Hudson. That was the plan, anyway. But then friends start inviting themselves along, lured by the idea of unwinding in a chocolate-box pretty cottage, wandering the lanes and the coastline, soaking up the sun and the stunningly beautiful Italian-inspired architecture. With Ellie, Jaz, Fen and Madison popping up around every corner, plus another sinister mystery to solve, will the lovebirds ever find time to indulge their desire for sun, sea and . . . strawberry shortcake?

Amazon UK

I received a copy of this book from the author.

My Thoughts…

I’ve read all the stories featuring Ruby and Hudson, so I was looking forward to reading this and loved it. Aside from Ruby and Hudson, a few little Duck Pond Cafe regulars are also featured, and Jaz’s storyline is particularly poignant. Ruby finds herself embroiled in a mystery, and the suspense ramps up to an impactful conclusion. This book makes the perfect Summer read with old favourites, new characters, and a mystery to solve.

Rosie’s series of novellas is centred around life in a country village cafe. Look out for ‘Clara’s Secret Garden’ out in August 2022.


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Old Friends Reunited Maddie Please 4*#Review @MaddiePlease1 @BoldwoodBooks #boldwoodbloggers @rararesources #multigenerational #friendship #romance #uplit #motivational #change #France #Chateau #blogtour #BookReview #OldFriendsReunited

Divorced and on a deadline, bestselling novelist Bea Pinkerton has a serious case of writer’s block. With her agent breathing down her neck, Bea will do ANYTHING to avoid writing another word.

So an invite to a reunion with her old school friends at a beautiful chateau in France is Bea’s perfect chance to escape. Surely here, relaxing with old friends and drinking cold fizz, Bea will find inspiration?

But as soon as Bea arrives, she realises this is not going to be the peaceful getaway she anticipated. Her old school friends Gin and Audrie are in various states of marital distress, and to top it off, a camera crew has arrived to film the goings on at Chateau De St Cyr. Far from being calm, the trip is total chaos!

Thank goodness for Bea’s new French neighbour Laurent Sinclair – handsome, charming and perhaps exactly the romantic muse she needs to get her mojo back.

But is Bea brave enough to take a second chance at love at her age?

Perhaps with a little help from her friends…

Amazon UK

I received a copy of this book from the publisher.

My Thoughts...

I enjoyed this gentle and often hilarious tale about Bea and her friends when they reunite after several years apart. Set in France in a renovated chateau, it has instant feel-good vibes, and each of the three main characters has believable characteristics. Audrie, the owner of the chateau, has marital issues and a freeloading son she loves but despairs of, and Gin, the third member of the Baggies, is emotional about her latest divorce. Bea is the central character, a bestselling author with writer’s block whose life lacks the romance and vibrancy of her stories.

I enjoyed the multi-generational elements and the heartwarming and uplifting qualities it has. It’s an engaging story with an endearing main protagonist and a delightful vivid setting.

Maddie Please

Maddie Please is the #1 bestselling author of novels, including The Old Ducks’ Club and Sisters Behaving Badly. Having had a career as a dentist and now lives in rural Devon, where she enjoys box sets, red wine and Christmas. She will take a new direction in her writing for Boldwood with joyous tales of older women.

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A Perfect Stranger Shalini Boland 5*#Review @ShaliniBoland @bookouture #Relationships #Secrets #Lies #Friendship #marriage #domesticsuspense #psychologicalthriller #BookReview #psychsuspense #APerfectStranger

Two marriages. Three little lies. Someone’s going to die…

I hold my breath as my handsome husband walks through the door. I’ve planned the perfect surprise birthday party for him. Our friends are gathered and the champagne is flowing. But when I catch the look in his deep brown eyes, I realise I’ve got this horribly wrong.

All evening my stomach is churning. And I can’t help but notice Danielle Baines speaking with Aiden. With her salon-styled hair, diamonds glittering on her ring finger and married to a rich businessman she has the kind of lifestyle I can only dream of. I’ve never liked her. And I know the feeling is mutual.

So why is she here and what is she saying to my husband?

Now it’s the end of the party and the man I love is confessing a secret that shocks me to the core. But it’s not what I was afraid of. It’s much worse.

He says we have to take our son and leave the place we call home because our lives are in danger.

I thought I knew everything about my husband. But suddenly he feels like a stranger. Should I trust him with my life?

Amazon UK

I received a copy of this book from the publisher.

My Thoughts…

The beginning of this psychological suspense fills the reader with trepidation. It’s a story of two women, two marriages, and a web of deceit that has devastating consequences. Emily, married to Aiden with a young son and another baby on the way, is happy. They have a few money worries, and Emily would love to be wealthier like her best friend. Dani is living the dream, married to Marcus. The only overt connection between the two women is Marcus’ business. There is a marked change in both husbands’ behaviour, and after an unexpected confession, the women’s lives converge dangerously and unpredictably.

Numerous twists and an underlying sense of menace make this addictive reading. All the clues are there, but the final twist remains disturbing and unexpected.

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An Italian Dream Kate Frost 4*#Review @katefrostauthor @BoldwoodBooks #BoldwoodBloggers @rararesources #BlogTour #BookReview #Romance #RomCom #IsleofCapri #Italy #Summer #AnItalianDream #friendship #selfrealisation #relationships #Family #Secrets

Follow your heart and then your dreams…

Best friends since childhood, Fern Chambers and Stella Shaw have been through everything together and are at a crossroads in their lives. Carefree Stella has a monumental secret and put upon Fern’s happy life is not all it seems.

With their 40th birthdays approaching, a luxury holiday to the island of Capri is a chance for them to reconnect, let their hair down and celebrate in style. But untold truths and frustration bubble beneath the surface, turning what should be a holiday of a lifetime into an opportunity to make life-changing decisions.

Far from home, where anything feels possible, secrets are revealed, heartache is shared, love discovered and new friendships forged.

Will their Italian dream turn into a nightmare or lead to newfound happiness?

Amazon UK

I received a copy of this book from the publisher.

My Thoughts…

Stella and Fern, longtime friends, are off on holiday with their daughters, thanks to Stella’s good fortune. Capri is idyllic and full of glamourous fun, but Stella has a secret that threatens her friendship with Fern. I enjoyed the vivid descriptions of Capri, the food and the sights and adventures the women have. The characters are believably flawed, and Stella is hard to like, but this makes the story realistic and relevant.

There’s conflict, forgiveness, new friendships and romance in a lovely holiday setting, the perfect beach read.

Kate Frost

Kate Frost is the author of several bestselling romantic escape novels including The Greek Heart and The Love Island Bookshop. She lives in Bristol and is the Director of Storytale Festival, a book festival for children and teens she co-founded in 2019.

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Death on a Monday Night Jo Allen 5*#Review #DCI Jude Satterthwaite @JoAllenAuthor #CrimeFiction #PoliceProcedural #Thriller #BlogTour #familydrama #suspense #secrets #BookReview #Cumbria #EdenValley @rararesources #LakeDistrict #DeathonaMondayNight

An ex-convict. A dead body. A Women’s Institute meeting like no other…

It’s an unusually challenging meeting at the Wasby Women’s Institute, with local resident and former drug-dealer Adam Fleetwood talking about his crimes and subsequent rehabilitation…but events take a gruesome turn when prospective member Grace Thoresby is discovered murdered in the kitchen.

The case is particularly unwelcome for investigating officer DCI Jude Satterthwaite. Adam was once his close friend and now holds a bitter grudge, blaming Jude for landing him in jail in the first place. To complicate things further, the only thing keeping Adam from arrest is the testimony of Jude’s former girlfriend, Becca Reid, for whom he still cares deeply.

As Jude and his colleague and current partner, Ashleigh O’Halloran, try to pick apart the complicated tapestry of Grace’s life, they uncover a web of fantasy, bitterness and deceit. Adam is deeply implicated, but is he guilty or is someone determined to frame him for Grace’s murder? And as they close in on the truth, Jude falls foul of Adam’s desire for revenge, with near-fatal consequences…

A traditional detective mystery set in Cumbria.

Amazon Amazon UK

I received a copy of this book from the author.

My Thoughts…

This book, like the others, is set in Cumbria and The Lake District, which is an added incentive. The setting is a village hall and a WI meeting. The village is where DCI Jude Satterthwaite grew up and currently resides. The story brings Jude’s ex-lover and an ex-best friend into his professional life, and he finds both occurrences uncomfortable. The plot is detailed and twisty, with many suspects and false leads. It demonstrates how well the police investigation team works together.

I like the realistic characters, the setting and the contemporary plot. The story ends well, but there are a few loose ends on the personal side that make reading the next book in the series essential.

Jo Allen

Jo Allen was born in Wolverhampton and is a graduate of Edinburgh, Strathclyde and the Open University, with undergraduate and postgraduate degrees in geography and Earth science. She’s been writing for pleasure and publication for as long as she can remember. After a career in economic consultancy, she took up writing and was first published under the name Jennifer Young, in genres of short stories, romance and romantic suspense. She wrote online articles on travel and her favourite academic subject, Earth science. In 2017 she took the plunge and began writing in the genre she likes to read — crime.

Jo lives in the English Lakes, where the DCI Satterthwaite series is set. In common with all her favourite characters, she loves football (she’s a season ticket holder with her beloved Wolverhampton Wanderers) and cats.

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Finding Happiness at Heritage View 5*#Review @HJRolfe @BoldwoodBooks @rararesources #blogtour #BookReview #boldwoodbloggers #familydrama #horseriding #horses #FindingHappinessAtHeritageView #romance #secrets #parenting #relationships #uplit #secondchance #friendship #community #coastal #village #rurallife

Welcome back to Heritage Cove, the little village by the sea brimming with character, community and friendship. The perfect place to fall in love…

Running Heritage View Stables is everything Hazel ever dreamed of. She loves working with the horses and managing the business with her brother. But after a terrible incident, she’s not sure whether she’ll ever be able to put things back the way they were.

Gus is ready to start over. He’s moved him and his ten-year-old daughter Abigail to Heritage Cove, where he’s opening his own vet practice. Everything is falling into place, especially as he watches Abigail start to come out of her shell for the first time since the accident.

Neither Hazel nor Gus is looking for love, but could they each be what the other needs? And is happiness even a possibility when their pasts won’t let them go?

Join new friends and old, as summer comes to Heritage Cove.

Amazon UK

I received a copy of this book from the publisher.

My Thoughts…

Drawn to this book by its equestrian setting, this is my first visit to Heritage Cove, and I enjoyed it. Hazel and Arnold love running the family horse riding business, but Hazel cannot forget a past incident that has defined her future there. Gus is looking forward to running his veterinary practice, a new and courageous start for him and his daughter. Abi loves horses and soon bonds with Hazel, as does her father, but both have past issues that lead to misunderstandings that threaten their future happiness.

I love the equestrian detail in this story that makes it authentic and believable. The family dynamics are realistic, and there is an engaging balance of humour and poignancy. Unexpected drama, gentle romance, and a wonderful sense of community make this a delightful escapist read.

Helen Rolfe

Helen Rolfe is the author of many bestselling contemporary women’s fiction titles, set in different locations from the Cotswolds to New York. Most recently published by Orion, she is bringing sixteen titles to Boldwood – a mixture of new series and a well-established backlist. She lives in Hertfordshire with her husband and children.

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