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The Beekeeper’s War Deborah Carr 5* #Review @DebsCarr @0neMoreChapter_ #BookReview #histfic #ww1 #ww2 #secrets #womeninwar #saga #TheBeekeepersWar

Two women

Two wars

A secret that threatens to tear them apart


At the onset of war, Nurse Pru le Cuirot left her home in Jersey to care for injured soldiers at Ashbury Manor, Dorset. She wanted to do her bit but never expected to meet an American pilot, Jack Garland, unlike any man she has ever met.

When Jack is sent on a dangerous mission and vanishes, Pru is forced to make an agonising decision… one that will haunt them both forever.


Another lifetime, but another war and Pru’s daughter Emma comes to Ashbury Manor. As Jersey falls to the Germans, Emma is fearful for her mother back home. And when she meets the mysterious beekeeper who lives on the grounds of the manor, she finds herself caught up in a web of lies. As past and present collide, will the secrets of her mother’s life finally be resolved?

I received a copy of this book from the publisher.

My Thoughts…

A family saga set across both world wars in Dorset and the Channel Islands, this story immerses the reader in the characters, events and settings until the last page. It’s a story of a mother and daughter, friendships, romance, sacrifice and secrets. The first part of Pru’s story touches on social class issues and wartime Britain. Pru and her fellow nurses Jean and Milly nurse the injured men at a converted manor house in Dorset. The believable ethos and the friendship between the three women are engaging to read. Romance lightens the poignancy, though the relentless war overshadows this. In the second part in 1940, Emma leaves Jersey and her mother Pru to seek safety at the manor house, where her mother’s life changed. The web of deceit and secrets she discovers makes this an emotional and suspenseful read.

Character-driven the reader quickly becomes invested in the players in this story. Both wartime settings add intrinsic interest and make it authentic. Gently paced with vivid characterisation and a balance of heartbreak and heartwarming.


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