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Wendy is lonely but coping.
All nineteen-year-old Wendy wants is to drive the 255 bus around Uddingston with her regulars on board, remember to buy milk when it runs out and just to be okay. After her mum died, there was nobody to remind her to eat and what to do each day.

And Wendy is ready to step out of her comfort zone.
Each week she shows her social worker the progress she’s made, like the coasters she bought to spruce up the place, even if she forgets to make tea. And she even joins a writers’ group to share the stories she writes, like the one about a bullied boy who goes to Mars.

But everything changes when Wendy meets Ginger.
A teenager with flaming orange hair, Ginger’s so brave she’s wearing a coat that isn’t even waterproof. For the first time, Wendy has a real best friend. But as they begin the summer of their lives, Wendy wonders if things were simpler before. And that’s before she realizes just how much trouble Ginger is about to get them in…

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I received a copy of this book from the publisher.

My Thoughts…

Ginger and Me explores the world through Wendy’s original viewpoint in a book of contrasts. She is a lovely mix of innocent and insightful, making her story memorable and poignant. Ginger, her friend, is more streetwise than Wendy through a life that has exposed her to the darker side of humanity. Their adventures add humour to this often heartbreaking tale. Believably complex characters draw you into their lives.

I enjoyed this resonating story’s vivid, sensual imagery, vibrant characters and lyrical writing.


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