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Get swept away to the sparkling Welsh coast this summer, where the sea glitters in the sunshine and love is in the air. From the bestselling author of The Blossom Tree of Dreams, this is the perfect romantic treat to escape with this summer.

Meadow has only ever loved one man – the very gorgeous Bear Brookfield. Ever since they were children she’s dreamed of marrying him under the green canopy of Wishing Wood. But when a teenage kiss that held such promise was followed by a series of misunderstandings, Meadow lost all hope of a future with Bear. Years later, Meadow and Bear remain best friends, despite Meadow marrying and divorcing Bear’s brother Heath. Yet she’s sure there’s no chance they’ll be anything more.

What Meadow doesn’t know is that Bear has only ever loved one woman too. He was heartbroken when Meadow married Heath, certain she chose his brother over him. But there’s more to Meadow and Heath’s marriage than anyone knows…

With both Meadow and Bear convinced they can only ever be friends they set one another a dating challenge – will they meet their perfect match online, as Bear thinks, or in person at a dating event, like Meadow believes? Or will they finally discover that their soul mate has been right there in front of them, secretly loving them, all along?

Once you’ve arrived in Wishing Wood you’ll never want to leave! Treat yourself to a summer of love with this feel-good, heartwarming and deliciously romantic tale.

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I received a copy of this book from the author.

My Thoughts…

The second book in the Wishing Wood series is full of friendship, humour, romance and secrets and is Meadow and Bear’s story. I love the characters’ names in this. They conjure up the idyllic coastal wooded setting so well. Meadow, once married to Heath Bear’s brother, is looking for love, and Bear is happy to help in his capacity as a best friend. Both have romantic feelings for the other, but their much-treasured friendship and past misunderstandings stop them from realising their potential.

I love the humour around the dating and the dynamic between the family members. The author brings the setting to vibrant life, and the romance is lovely.


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