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New Beginnings at Roseford Hall Fay Keenan 5*#Review @faykeenan @BoldwoodBooks #Romance #loss #grief #friendship #Somerset #NewBeginningsatRosefordHall #boldwoodbloggers #BlogTour #BookReview @rararesources #MondayBlogs

Life in London has lost its sparkle for Stella Simpson.

So when she gets the opportunity to escape to the country for a year, it seems too good a chance to miss. In the beautiful Somerset countryside, the majestic Roseford Hall has been painstakingly restored and is now ready for its grand opening. And as the writer in residence, Stella gets to see it all  – from the rowdy resident peacocks, the hidden secrets of the Hall, to befriending the Lord of the Manor himself.

At the other end of Roseford, single father, Chris Charlton is facing his own refurbishment woes. Rocked by a tragedy two years previously, his plans for crumbling Victorian wreck Halstead House are as stuck as he is. 

As Roseford Hall prepares to welcome a new era, and Halsted House’s future is under threat, Chris and Stella find themselves drawn to one another. Can they finally leave their pasts behind, and will Chris and Stella be able to embrace their new beginnings together – or apart… 

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I received a copy of this book from Boldwood Books via NetGalley in return for an honest review.

My Thoughts…

Stella, in her late twenties, is an online journalist living and working in her family home in London. Unexpectedly she is shortlisted for a writer in residence role at Roseford Hall in Somerset. Is this the change she needs to find herself?

Stella and her lovable dog Fitz’s first meeting with Chris is anything but a cute meet. Intuitive Stella soon realises that Chris is hurting, and when she finds out why she wants to help. Chris and Stella are attracted, but they face many conflicts, primarily within themselves to their happiness together.

I love the setting integral to this emotional story and the complex characters who immersed me in their lives. Explores themes of grief and loss sensitively through the characters making this poignant but ultimately uplifting to read.

The romance develops realistically and is lovely to read. The supporting characters are believable, and this is an enjoyable book.

Fay Keenan

Fay Keenan is the author of the bestselling Little Somerby series of novels. She has led writing workshops with Bristol University and has been a visiting speaker in schools. She is a full-time teacher and lives in Somerset.

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The Kitchen Front Jennifer Ryan 4* #Review @JenniferiRyan @panmacmillan #TheKitchenFront #WW2 #WomeninWar #TheHomeFront #BBC @RandomTTours #BlogTour #BookReview #HistFic #Friendship #HistoricalFiction #MondayBlogs

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I received a copy of this book from the author and publisher in return for an honest review.


My Thoughts…

Set in England during WW2, The Kitchen Front is the story of four women’s attempts to win a cookery competition run by BBC radio. It is based on an actual historical radio programme and evokes rationing and the consequent fallout in an authentic way. The women are all affected by the war in different ways, and all want to win, but a gradual sisterhood develops that is heartwarming and poignant.

There are recipes and historical details that vividly portray how it was on the Home Front, and the characters are believably flawed and genuine. The author’s excellent use of sensory imagery immerses the reader into the place and time and makes this an absorbing reading experience.

Jennifer Ryan

Jennifer Ryan is the author of the Chilbury Ladies Choir. She lives in Ireland with her husband and two children. Originally from Kent and then London, she was previously a non-fiction book editor.

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Lady Ludmilla’s Accidental Letter Sofi Laporte 4*#Review @Sofi_Laporte @rararesources #LadyLudmillasAccidentalLetter #RegencyRomance #mystery #humour #BlogTour #BookReview #MondayBlogs

A resolute spinster. An irresistible rake. One accidental letter… Can love triumph over this hopeless muddle in the middle of the London season?

Lady Ludmilla is mortified. Though the spinster extraordinaire knows it is foolish, she has fallen head-over-heels for the amiable man with whom she’s been secretly corresponding, and that cannot be. When she sets out to uncover his identity, her world shatters. For her best friend Addy turns out to be none other but London’s worst rogue—the man who has ruined her engagement to someone else ten years earlier.

Lord St.Addington is perturbed. The wicked Viscount is developing a marked tendre for a spinster, and that cannot be. She might be mistaking him for someone he is not, or, what is worse, know precisely who he is. As London’s worst hell rake, he has a role to maintain, a charade to play. A depraved heart like his surely can’t be falling in love…least of all with a plain, outspoken spinster.

Determined to discover the truth behind the man she loves, Lu does what she does best: she sits down and writes a letter…

If you crave a humorous romp with witty banter and surprising twists, you will love Sofi Laporte’s charming masquerade.

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I received a copy of this book from the author in return for an honest review.

My Thoughts…

I enjoyed reading this lovely, lighthearted Regency romance with humour, mystery and a cast of entertaining characters. The well-paced plot has surprising twists. Vividly portrayed characters and a setting described with rich historical detail bring this story to life. Gentle humour and romance keep the reader engaged, and the ending is happy.

Sofi Laporte

Sofi was born in Vienna, grew up in Seoul, studied Comparative Literature in Maryland, U.S.A., and lived in Quito with her Ecuadorian husband. When not writing, she likes to scramble about the countryside exploring medieval castle ruins. She currently lives with her husband, 3 trilingual children, a sassy cat and a cheeky dog in Austria.

Sofi writes sweetly simmering Regency Romance with mischievous, witty banter and heart-throbbing happily-ever-after.

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Dreamy Days and Random Naps Mawson 4*#Review @MawsonBear @OdysseyBooks #PictureBook #Lovebookstours #BlogTour #Motivational #BookReview @lovebookstours @igbooktours @KellyALacey #DreamyDaysandRandomNaps #MondayBlogs

Mawson Bear awakes and ponders on the art of creative napping. Scotland the Brave imagines doing great deeds. Professors Caddy and Bree hold the highest hopes for their visionary inventions. Samantha sees wondrous things all around her. The Seekers journey all the way to the edge of the world, being sure to return, of course, by bedtime.

Flop down and relax awhile with Mawson and his drowsy friends. Refresh the soul in the tranquillity of simple joys and innocent dreams.

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I received a copy of this book from the author in return for an honest review.


My Thoughts…

Having read ‘She Ran Away’ by Mawson, I knew that this picture book would have messages and thoughts for adults and children. Mawson and his bear friends discuss the importance of dreams and napping. The photographs reflect the text and are lovely. Following your dreams, remaining hopeful and giving your mind a rest from everyday routine and problems are recurrent themes.

This book promotes mindfulness and is an excellent thought-provoking discussion tool for children and adults.

Mawson is a big-hearted, soul searching Writer-Bear. His little books are stuffed with moments of happiness for frazzled grownups. Ever since he can remember, Mawson has loved to sit atop a cushion and ponder about this baffling world he has found himself in. Friends approach him about their own dilemmas. They seek instant answers that will make everything all right. Mawson does he is best by pondering even more deeply. But he often falls asleep and wakes as baffled as ever.

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Why not slow down and relax a while with Mawson’s friends in their cosy, whimsical world. Refresh the soul in the tranquility of innocent hours and simple joys.

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