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Nathan Bartholomew comes from old money. One of the city’s most respected families. He is at the top of his game, both in London and New York. Good-looking, very intelligent and worth a mint. His father John asks him to give a girl named Elisa Brodie the position as his temporary PA.

Elisa arrives from York to be PA to Nathan in Westminster. After three months of working with him and still Elisa hasn’t found the files in her stepsister’s house to prove her innocence and now Melanie is abusing her. Elisa leaves, but she has nowhere to go until Nathan announces he needs a dog-sitter while he visits his brother in Paris. Elisa stays at Nathan’s fantastic Chelsea address unbeknown to him.

Nathan’s trip finishes a day early; on his return, he finds Elisa soaking in his bath. Astonished, he realises she has been staying without permission. And then he discovers why she is covered in cuts and bruises. However, Elisa is still trying to find out where the documents are to prove her innocence but comes away from Melanie’s licking her wounds. In the meantime, Nathan believes this is his chance handed on a plate for him to pursue her and they start a relationship. There’s just one problem, Nathan has forbidden her to go back to Melanie’s house to prove her innocence and yet Elisa knows she has to try.

Melanie is out to ruin Elisa’s life and possibly even kill her, but when Melanie finds out Elisa is pregnant with Nathan’s child all hell is let loose, and Melanie is the one who puts the spanner in the works.

Will Elisa and Nathan make it after all the uncertainty? Read to discover, you won’t be disappointed.

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