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Nothing in common

Except an intoxicating attraction!

Sharing a steamy kiss with Anne Peverett at a Christmas ball is utterly out of character for Dr Lord Ferris Tresham. He’s far too busy treating London’s poor to court anyone. Until Anne is revealed as the herbalist who’s been treating his patients with her homemade remedies! If they unite forces, will Anne be a bigger threat to his practice…or his closed-off heart?

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I received a copy of this book from Mills and Boon via NetGalley in return for an honest review.

Set against a background of Victorian London, this historical romance is notable for its witty dialogue, the chemistry between Anne and Ferris and its focus on poverty and the role of women. Ferris is a dedicated physician, and Anne is a herbalist both want to make a difference in the health of the poor. Yet both are constrained, by the strictures, of Victorian society.

The historical details add to the story’s authenticity as they bring to life Victorian London and the world of herbalists.. The romance is full of internal and external barriers but proximity and a mutual understanding draw the couple together..


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