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A jaded middle-aged woman attends a museum exhibit featuring the wreck of a pirate ship. A dead pirate from the wreck makes spiritual contact with her, pleading for her help to rescue him from purgatory. Along the way, she discovers both their pasts through a series of dreams. Another pirate covets her body for his own nefarious purposes. She becomes determined to rescue the pirate who has become her friend while figuring out how to prevent the other pirate from taking over her body.

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I received a copy of this book from Cayelle Publishing in return for an honest review.

My Thoughts…

It took me a while to immerse myself in this story. It’s detailed and full of ordinary day to day occurrences which don’t hold your interest. Reading further, you realise this is deliberate showing how routine the main protagonist’s life is and that she is ripe for an adventure.

Kelly is middle-aged, lives alone except for her cats and has a few good friends. Life didn’t turn out quite as she planned and left her cynical and judgemental. A date to a museum is not something she’s looking forward to, but she goes. The date is a disaster. The exhibition on the life of pirates changes her life.

The story takes on a paranormal, timeslip element as Kelly slips into a world of pirates and realises she needs to help one of them. The contrast between the timeslip world and the present day is well written and draws you into the story. The characters are diverse and relatable. To enjoy this story, you have to enter the world created and watch the events unfold.

I am 57, and I am a graduate of Augustana College of Rock Island, Illinois. I wrote some in college, then stopped. I took it up again after attending the Real Pirates Exhibit in Denver, Colorado in 2011. I have since written several non-fiction articles about some of the pirates who sailed on the Whydah Galley. In the past few years, I’ve compiled them into two books titled The Whydah Pirates Speak. I have also published several short stories, which have appeared in two anthologies (listed on my Amazon page), and in several magazines. I live in Cochiti Lake, NM, with my three cats. When not writing, I enjoy walking, reading, and Tai Chi.


Author, blogger and book reviewer. I am the author of 'The Dragon Legacy' series and 'The Dangerous Gift'. Animal welfare supporter. Loves reading, writing, countryside walks, cookery and gardening, .

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