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He chose her over the company. He’s about to find out the real cost of romance…

Brian’s love for Romina may be strong, but he’s sailing into troubled waters. And he’s even prepared to endure torturous months apart working like a dog on another ship, if it means he can get them back together. Though he’s unprepared for the sadistic challenges his cruel new boss implements to break him body and soul.

Enduring extreme anti-Americanism, food deprivation, and 100-hour-long work weeks, Brian’s only beacon of hope is the messages sent from his soulmate. With her emails to sustain him, he vows to stay the course and outsmart the higher-ups of the cruise-line giant.

Can Brian survive the stormy conflict threatening to drown his hopes of reuniting with Romina?

Wet Orpheus is the second book in the wild Gone with the Waves romantic comedy series, entirely of true events in the author’s life. If you like insider accounts of work below deck, heart-aching emotion, and passionate love stories, then you’ll adore Brian David Bruns’s tale of overcoming impossible odds.

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I received a copy of this book from the author in return for an honest review.

My Thoughts…

After discord and separation, Brian and Romina meet again in Romania for a well deserved holiday. Each of these chapters starts with an entry from his diary, which shows how he is feeling. The chemistry is still there, his closeness with her family is evident, but he worries about the future once they return to work on separate ships. The writing is descriptive and touches on the revolution and how it affected Romina. The differences in culture and language provide some humorous and thought-provoking moments.

After the holiday they go their separate ways. This is an insightful but painful time for Brian. His fears and realisation of how much he cares are poignant.

The description of cruise ship hierarchy is informative, and there are plenty of anecdotal moments and memorable characters cruising in the Caribbean. Romina’s emails keep his fantasy alive amidst the hard, relentless work aboard ship.

This is a literary portrait of a man in love. Its sensory imagery draws the reader into the book, which has a real-life love story full of pain and passion at its heart.

Brian David Bruns has adventured in over 60 countries to gather material for his books and won dozens of literary awards, including the USA REBA Grand Prize. Since his debut, Cruise Confidential, became a national bestseller, he has been featured on ABC 20/20, CBS Inside Edition, and in articles translated for a dozen nations.

Bruns writes of his global experiences with a self-mocking wit, an astute insight into human behavior, and a love of quirky history. After several years residing in Dracula’s hometown (yes, really), he and his Romanian wife now live in Las Vegas with their two old rescue cats, Julius and Caesar.


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