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Badly scarred after the accident that killed her husband, Camilla Brown locks herself away from the world.  Her only friendships are online, where everyone lives picture-perfect lives. 
In private Camilla can follow anyone she likes. And Camilla likes a lot.

Especially her old school friend Valerie Hutchens.  Camilla is obsessed with Valerie’s posts, her sickening joy for life, her horribly beautiful face.  But then Camilla spots something strange in one of Valerie’s posts – a man’s face looking through her window, watching, waiting…
And then Valerie goes missing…

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I received a copy of this book from One More Chapter via NetGalley in return for an honest review.

My Thoughts…

Spine chilling suspense creeps up on you as you read this story. Camilla struggles with life after a horrific car crash. An unreliable protagonist Camilla is dependant on an array of prescription drugs and also has an alcohol dependence problem.

Alternating between poignancy and suspense, you begin to wonder if everything is at it seems. The psychological suspense is intense and credible. Plot twists and a cleverly tiered ending deepen the menace.

Like, Follow, Kill is a disturbing story with a contemporary theme.