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Publication Date 22 August 2019

Candice Summerville is invisible. No one seems to notice her – not really. Heck, she often doesn’t notice herself, except for her monthly scrutiny in the mirror to check on her body’s steady slide towards middle age.

But when her ancient, practical estate car is consigned to the scrap heap, Candice falls in love with a cute, purple convertible, and from that moment on her life begins to take on a whole new meaning. Strangers wave at her and people stop to talk, and suddenly she isn’t invisible any longer.

Life seems to be looking up, especially when she meets silver fox and handy-man, Paul. There’s just one fly in the ointment, one thing she that has her second-guessing herself.

Is it the car that Paul sees – or is it her?

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I received a copy of this book from the author in return for an honest review.

My Thoughts…

A funny, poignant romantic tale, about a woman who never overcame her husband’s deceit, and let it affect her future life. Growing older is never easy, women who have devoted their lives to their partners and children often feel invisible, even if the relationships are good, so for Candice, her emotional damage is deep and lasting.

‘Jelly Bean’ is a soft-top car, and more importantly, something just for her. Buying the car is the first step on her journey of self-realisation, it makes her visible. There are many humorous moments in this story, but they are usually tempered with poignancy. Her astute but cruel self-assessment of her face and body is probably something every woman of her age does, and most of us, if we’re honest fall short of our expectations.

The romance unfolds at a realistic pace, it doesn’t have the passion and speed of a young romance, and importantly Candice is not defined by it, even though it is important to her. Her family, ex-husband and sons are not the most likeable of people, but as she becomes stronger, what they think and want are less important.

This story has a powerful message, couched in an easy to read, lighthearted way. Candice is believable and easy to empathise. The ending is dramatic, and ultimately, heartwarming and hopeful.

Liz Davies writes feel-good, light-hearted stories with a hefty dose of romance, a smattering of humour, and a great deal of love.

She’s married to her best friend, has one grown-up daughter, and when she isn’t scribbling away in the notepad she carries with her everywhere (just in case inspiration strikes), you’ll find her searching for that perfect pair of shoes. She loves to cook but isn’t very good at it, and loves to eat – she’s much better at that! Liz also enjoys walking (preferably on the flat), cycling (also on the flat), and lots of sitting around in the garden on warm, sunny days.

She currently lives with her family in Wales, but would ideally love to buy a camper van and travel the world in it.  Twitter