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In Another Time- 4* Review – Caroline Leech

It’s 1942, and Maisie McCall is in the Scottish Highlands doing her bit for the war effort in the Women’s Timber Corps.

As Maisie works felling trees alongside the enigmatic John Lindsay, Maisie can’t help but feel like their friendship has the spark of something more to it. And yet every time she gets close to him, John pulls away. It’s not until Maisie rescues John from a terrible logging accident that he begins to open up to her about the truth of his past, and the pain he’s been hiding.

Suddenly everything is more complicated than Maisie expected. And as she helps John to untangle his shattered history, she must decide if she’s willing to risk her heart to help heal his. But in a world devastated by war, love might be the only thing left that can begin to heal what’s broken.

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My Thoughts…

‘In Another Time’ is aptly named. Its strength is that it captures the culture, prejudice and ethos of WW2 Britain and even though I would like more details on the day to day lives of the lumberjills; you get a sense of who these pioneering women were and what sacrifices they made for the war effort.

Maisie’s independent spirit makes her a perfect candidate for the Womens’Timber Corp (WTC). The clash of personalities makes the story authentic, and the complexity of the main characters makes it easy to empathise or not with them.

John is a troubled character, but despite her naivety, Maisie begins to understand his emotional trauma, but a girl can only be pushed away so many times. Their romance is sweet but hampered by their circumstances, tragedy and the jealousy of others.

The ending is heartwarming and what Maisie and John deserve.

A lovely story for young readers that will appeal to anyone who likes a little romance and is interested in the unsung heroines of WW2.

I received a copy of this book from Harper Collins – Children’s Books via NetGalley in return for an honest review.