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The Possible World – Liese O’Halloran Schwarz – 5* Review

Ben is the sole survivor of a crime that claims his mother and countless others. He is just six years old, and already he must find a new place for himself in the world.

Lucy, the doctor who tends to Ben, is grappling with a personal upheaval of her own. She feels a profound connection to the little boy who has lived through the unthinkable. Will recovering his memory heal him, or damage him further?

Clare has long believed that the lifetime of secrets she’s been keeping don’t matter to anyone anymore until an unexpected encounter prompts her to tell her story.

As they each struggle to confront the events – past and present – that have defined their lives, something stronger than fate is working to bring them together…

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My Thoughts…

Three people, three generations, three stories, seemingly unconnected, yet inexplicably woven together. ‘The Possible World’ is a beautifully thoughtful story of tragedy, love that conquers death and life’s complex journey.

Ben’s tragedy touches his soul and releases something long forgotten; no-one understands until he meets a man who’s lost everything and Lucy a dedicated ER doctor whose life is missing someone to share it. Clare has lived a long life, and as the end draws near, she relives the past love and heartache.

Each story is engaging with intricate historical detail and a gradual connection with the present day. Lifelike characters draw you into their lives, and you hope they find what they seek. The ending is poignant and perfect.

I received a copy of this book from Cornerstone Digital via NetGalley in return for an honest review.