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A Family Recipe – 5* Review – Veronica Henry


What’s the secret ingredient to your happiness?

Laura Griffin is preparing for an empty nest. The thought of Number 11 Lark Hill falling silent – a home usually bustling with noise, people and the fragrant smells of something cooking on the Aga – seems impossible. Laura hopes it will mean more time for herself, and more time with her husband, Dom.

But when an exposed secret shakes their marriage, Laura suddenly feels as though her family is shrinking around her. Feeling lost, she turns to her greatest comfort: her grandmother’s recipe box, a treasured collection dating back to the Second World War. Everyone has always adored Laura’s jams and chutneys, piled their sandwiches high with her pickles . . . Inspired by a bit of the old Blitz spirit, Laura has an idea that gives her a fresh sense of purpose.

Full of fierce determination, Laura starts carving her own path. But even the bravest woman needs the people who love her. And now, they need her in return . . .

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My Thoughts…

The home is the heart of many families, and it is no different for number 11 Lark Hill in historic Bath. Laura’s family home has been in the family since her great-grandparents day, it’s always been a lively, warm place but now her daughters’ are leaving for University, and she has to find something else to give her life meaning.

When Laura discovers her husband is not the man she thinks he is, her life threatens to fall apart, but she’s tenacious and determined to keep her family together and her life worth living. With timeslips back to Blitz-torn Bath in 1942, the time when her beloved Grandmother Jilly(Kanga) faced a devastating loss, like Jilly, Lauraย rebuilds her life and finds out exactly who she is.

The characters are real and likeable, they laugh, cry and argue but realise the importance of their flawed but enviable family life. The family recipe book is a beautiful analogy of Laura’s family past and present and provides her with a means to start a new life chapter.

The fast-paced, enthralling plot takes Laura and her grandmother on an emotional journey with laughter, sadness and ultimately self-realisation. Elements of Laura’s family life are instantly recognisable, and it’s easy to empathise with her as she works her way towards happiness again.

A delightful read about family, friendship and overcoming life’s many hardships.

I received a copy of this book from Orion Publishing Group via NetGalley in return for an honest review.



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