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4* Review – A Beautiful Day for a Wedding – Charlotte Butterfield

Wedding journalist Eve is over the moon when her three best friends and her brother all decide to get married in the same summer. But when she finds out the man she once thought she’d be walking up the aisle with is back in the country and on all the guestlists, she can’t wait for wedding season to be over.

As if Ben’s sudden reappearance isn’t enough, her bridezilla besties have her polishing floors, searching for giant flamingos and dog-sitting while they jet off on honeymoon. Her only release is writing an anonymous column full of her bitter bridesmaid tales – she just needs to make sure the happy couples never find out…

Between facing her relationship demons and juggling her maid-of-honour duties, is Eve doomed to be left out of this summer of love?

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My Thoughts…

If you’re a fan of ‘Four Weddings and a Funeral’ and ‘The Wedding Planner’, you will enjoy this 21st-century take on weddings and always being a bridesmaid and wedding planner.

Like all good romantic comedy, it has a likeable, flawed heroine and an assortment of quirky friends and admirers. We are treated to a full gambit of weddings and, all have their humorous and poignant moments. There is an added twist as, wedding journalist  Eve makes full use of her ‘fly on the wall’ opportunity, which threatens to undermine the real friendships she has. 

I didn’t enjoy Eve’s neglect of her friend’s dog, albeit unwittingly, after the first wedding. Using an animal’s suffering for comic purposes doesn’t sit well with me, but apart from that, this is a fun, romantic, hilarious romp through several couples special days.

I received a copy of this book from Harper Impulse via NetGalley in return for an honest review.