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The One-Maria Realf – 4*Review

Lizzie Sparkes should be the happiest girl in the world – she’s three months away from marrying The One in the wedding of her dreams! But then The One before the One walks back into her life with a bombshell.

Alex’s unexpected return changes everything, and now Lizzie faces an impossible dilemma. Because how can you leave the past behind you, when it’s standing right in front of you…asking you for one more chance?

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My Thoughts…

‘The One’, is an emotionally intense story. From reading the blurb, I imagined a romantic comedy but there’s more angst than humour, and this increases as Lizzie’s wedding draws relentlessly closer.

In the beginning, Lizzie is happy finding the wedding dress of her dreams, but she cannot silence the echoes of her past life. The story counts down to her wedding day but chapters from her university life more than a decade ago are also explored, informing her current actions and state of mind.

Reading this story, Josh does not seem like the ideal partner for Lizzie, he has good qualities but doesn’t seem willing to let Lizzie be her true self, so even before Alex comes back, she has doubts. As the story progresses you discover her break-up with Alex is not straightforward.

Vividly written, the flawed characters compliment the realistic storyline perfectly. The believable ending is hopeful, if not happy and leaves you a little sad but satisfied.

I received a copy of this book from Harper Impulse via NetGalley in return for an honest review.