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Trial By Fire – Will Jordan 4* Review – A Ryan Drake Novella

In a tense and action-filled novella, Ryan Drake and his team must go to Ukraine to find a compromised CIA source – but is new unit member Keira Frost up to the job?
Tech specialist Keira Frost has just graduated to the big leagues. But despite numerous commendations for outstanding achievement and a tour of duty under her belt, it’s a reputation for insubordination that precedes her with Agency field ops. Tasked with proving she can take orders and fit in, she’s eager to get started, but new CO Ryan Drake is not going to make that easy.
As the team are sent to the wasteland of Pripyat, the town devastated by the disaster of Chernobyl, radiation is not the only danger waiting for them…

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My Thoughts…

Excellent pacing, plenty of action and a believable, contemporary female protagonist, all make this novella worth reading. Despite its length, the plot is sufficiently complex to intrigue, and even though I have not read any of the previous novels, the main characters are detailed enough to make them relatable.

Keira is fiercely independent, and while she is not suited to the rigid rules of the military, her courage, ingenuity and a strong survival instinct make her a candidate for special ops in the CIA. I liked the dual timeline, which gives the reader insight into Keira’s tragic past and evidence of why she is the person she is.

Chernobyl provides a bleak and sinister setting for this story, and the danger of discovery underlines the high octane action. The final plot twist will surprise many and sets the stage for more missions with Keira and Ryan Drake’s team. If you enjoy ‘Strike Back’ on TV, then this story will provide all the adrenaline-fuelled action and snarky character interaction you need.

I received a copy of this book from Canelo via NetGalley in return for an honest review.



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