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Every marriage has its secrets…

Tina Bolotnikov, widowed after her husband, Sasha, is killed in a car accident, relocates back to her hometown on the south coast of the UK, to bring up her young son. Her life back in London with her adored husband is now nothing but a memory; a history to pass onto her son.

DS John Nightingale saw his partner killed in the line of duty and has made it his personal and professional quest to bring to justice the Russian gang responsible. Five years on and the killer is still free but as reports come in of Sasha Bolotnikov’s brother returning to the UK, John is tasked with tracking him down and following him to the seaside town of Littlehampton.

Tina finds herself an unwitting connection to a world she knew nothing about. She thought she knew her husband. She thought their past was the truth. But now as the investigation draws her closer to DS Nightingale, professional lines are blurred and crossed, and only he holds the key to her future.

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The Half TruthSuspenseful and sinister from the first page, this crime orientated, romantic suspense draws you into a world of organised crime and the dedicated police squads that track them down.
Five years after her Russian husband, Sasha, died in a an accident Tina is rebuilding her shattered life, her young son Dimitri, who her husband never saw, is her reason for getting up in the morning, She is determined he won’t miss not having a dad.
John Nightingale is still guilt ridden by his partner’s death. The chance to capture his murderer means invading Tina’s life and possibly destroying it again but he owes it to his partner doesn’t he?
Both Tina and John are strong characters, he appears in Tina’s life at a time when she is ready to consider moving on, but there is a strong conflict of interest, which makes any future for the couple unlikely.
The plot is realistic and the characters’ reactions believable. Tina and John wrestle with their consciences and realise life is all about shades, rather than stark right or wrong. Angst and emotional soul searching contrasts with adrenalin filled action scenes.
This story is easy reading but it will provoke your emotions right up to the end.

The Half Truth by Sue Fortin

My rating: 5 of 5 stars

The Half Truth by Sue Fortin

Sue Fortin

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