3* Review: Found: One Secret Baby – Nancy Holland


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LA lawyer Rosalie Walker will do whatever it takes to protect her adopted son. She promised his mother before she died that she’d look after him and keep him safe from his paternal family. So when delectable Morgan Danby walks into her office in search of his nephew, she must keep the baby in her care a secret—even if one look from Morgan makes her want to share everything with him…

As a favour to his step-mother— the woman who actually raised him, unlike his real mother who abandoned him as a child—successful businessman, Morgan is searching for the son of his incarcerated step-brother. He can tell Rosalie is hiding something and the temptation to seduce her for her secret is strong, but will he be able to handle the consequences once all is revealed…?

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Found: One Secret Baby


If you enjoy the secret baby trope, with a liberal sprinkling of passionate romance, this story will appeal. Rosalie is an independent, strong character, who has always put her life on hold for people she loves; first her chronically ill mother and then to bring up the young son of a friend who tragically died. She is genuine and selfless and an easy character to root for.
Morgan is from old money and used to getting what he wants. Ruled by duty, he is determined to locate his step brother’s child. He keeps his heart hidden and pushes the emotional and physical abuse of his childhood, to the back of his mind. This makes him appear brusque and unfeeling but when you see things from his point of view, it’s clear he is an emotional man.
The simple plot has elements of menace, which make you shudder, balanced by lots of light-hearted moments with the charming Joey and Rosalie. The romance between Rosalie and Morgan is stormy and full of misunderstanding but the ending is romantic and satisfying.
I received a copy of this book from Harper Impulse via NetGalley in return for an honest review.



Found: One Secret Baby by Nancy Holland
My rating: 3 of 5 stars

Found One Secret Baby by Nancy Holland

Nancy Holland


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