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A Respect Award from Shey and the Hamstah dudes.


This week I was nominated for ‘The Respect Award’ by my writing friend Shehanne Moore and the irrepressible ‘Hamstah Dudes’. It means a lot to me coming from a lady I respect so much.

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Shehanne writes unique historical romance. She has a fabulous blog that always guarantees a giggle and supports the writing community, across the world. If you haven’t visited it yet click  on the link. Shehanne Moore Blog 

The rules for this award are;

Display ‘The Respect Logo’

Thank the person who  nominated you.

Answer the three questions

Nominate three individuals you respect.

 So now for the questions:

What is respect and what does respect mean to you?

Respect is an  emotion . It’s how you feel or treat someone or something. For me it’s an important emotion. I like to think people I care about respect me. I also believe it’s important to respect other peoples’ beliefs and ways of doing things, even if I don’t necessarily agree with them.

Who do you respect the most?

At this moment in time, I respect my daughter most.  The last year has been life changing for her. She has matured so much and coped with what ever life has thrown at her, in a positive and sensitive way.

Check out the lovely poem she wrote for her  baby son.

The Best Kind of Pair

What do I respect most about myself?

This is difficult but I think it’s my optimistic outlook that I respect most about myself. I always try to see the positives in any situation. This helps me move forward, when life is challenging.

 And now for my three nominations

Megan Jane – Seek my Scribbles Blog

Incy Black –Into The Black

Eve Devon 




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Author Blog Challenge – My Dream Writing Space


Having  a dedicated writing space  doesn’t work for me because I don’t like being shut off from the rest of the family. I like noise and interruptions. If I’m in the mood to write, then I can write anywhere. I  have already shared my current writing space; in a previous Author Blog Challenge post. You can read this by clicking here.


 A comfy sofa, a view of the garden and the company of my dogs and the ever present laptop is all I need to write.

 However, inspiration for my stories is another matter. I need wide open spaces and visual stimulation to come up with ideas. As I have mentioned on more than one occasion , setting for my stories is always one of the first things I decide on. So, my  dream inspiration space would be  somewhere with a view.