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Fighting Destiny – Shelly Morgan – Forsaken Sinners MC #2- Release Spotlight and 4* Review

I can’t believe this is my #600th post since starting my #blog 3 years ago. 

Adult Read


With a dark past of abuse, Toby Smith full-on raged against life. 

 After years of neglect from his junkie mother, Toby turned to the one thing that made his fury go away—mixed martial arts. Now, as an adult, he lives and breathes his training club and fighting, inside or outside of the cage. But when a mousy blonde walks into his gym for a self-defense class he’s teaching, that all fades away. 

 Sara Carmichael was always a doormat—until the day she took her life back. 

Struggling to cope with years of physical and emotional abuse from a boyfriend, things take a turn for the worse. Drunk and in rare form, he nearly violates her in unspeakable ways. So she leaves and escapes from New York to California, hoping it’s far enough away that he won’t find her. 

 Sparks fly in the most uncommon places. 

 When Sara and Toby meet, they never expected it would be in a sweaty gym. When they are together, Toby feels things he can’t understand. But when Sara’s past clouds their present, will she be strong enough to defend her new life? Or will Toby snap and become the man she’s always feared? 

It’s one thing to fight for love, but it’s another when you’re…Fighting Destiny.

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My Review 2

 Biker romances are not my usual read and I haven’t read the first book in this series but the story-line made me curious and I am glad I decided to read it. This is a hard hitting story with graphic sex and violence but both are integral to the plot and characters. The story wouldn’t be as powerful without them. The information about the MC enhanced the setting and added to the characters’ authenticity.
Sara is a victim of domestic abuse, running from her abuser and her past, straight into Toby, no stranger to abuse himself. The connection is instantaneous and scares both of them. Toby is the perfect gentleman despite his rough edges and he’s easy to like. Sara is strong despite her terrible past and it’s easy to understand why she shies away from her feelings for Toby and his possessive attitude. The secondary characters are great and make the story enthralling. I can’t wait to read Louie’s story.
There is a distinct suspense thread in this story, which makes it an absorbing read. The ending completes Toby and Sara’s story but leaves a mystery unsolved, which makes you want to read book 3.
I received a copy of this story from the author in return for an honest review.

Author Bio

I grew up in a small town in Iowa. I have 2 older sisters and amazing parents. Growing up, I was always a daddy’s girl, hanging out with him in the garage, fishing, and building stuff. I loved to play softball and swimming, but reading, telling stories, and writing were my passion, even at a young age. I took a break from writing for a while, but you could always find me with a book in my hand.

 I have three children – two boys and a girl. They are my whole world. Even when I’m having the worst day ever, they brighten up my day and make me smile.

 A few years ago, there was this story that would always play out in my head and no matter how many times I went through it, from beginning to end, it would never fade. So I decided to put it on paper. I didn’t plan on publishing it, but when it was almost done, a friend asked to read it. She said it was a story that needed to be shared. And that’s what started my writing career.

I love all genres of books, and even though I started with writing MC Romance, I have a whole book of ideas, so you can expect more from me than just MC, though romance is in my blood.

 Even though I currently work two jobs, my ultimate dream is to become a full time author. I want to be able to spend my days filling pages with stories. I want to be the reason people find a reason to smile or laugh from lines on a page. Reading a book allows me to live in someone else’s shoes, even if only for a few minutes. It’s a way to leave my life and troubles behind and I want to be help others do that as well.







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