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Legacy – Where Do I Come From?

The Dangerous Gift- Teaser 4a


Do you ever wonder about your ancestors?

I love history and I have always wanted to trace my family tree but I never found the time, until recently. When my daughter told me she was pregnant, just over a year ago it started me thinking about my parents and grandparents and those that came before them.I joined a genealogy site and within a couple of hours I traced my father’s family back to his great grandparents that’s five generations and I can’t wait to find out more.

Legacy and family are important themes in my writing.

The Dragon Legacy Cover

‘The Dragon Legacy’, is a fantasy tale, which traces the last survivors of the dragon legacy and their importance  to the survival of the human world.

‘The subtle infusion of his ancient memories flowed from his mind. A picture of a mist covered hillside materialized. The scene mesmerized them as it unfolded like a virtual puzzle. A jolt of pure power ran through him as he recalled the eerie shapes of the dragons gathered in a circle around a turquoise, almost translucent, egg. The largest dragon stepped forward and covered the egg with dark earth. The dragon faced them. Somehow aware, they witnessed the ceremony. Lukas identified himself with the dragon lord. Grace and Jasmine must believe the dragon lived within him.’

The Dangerous Gift FRONT COVER‘The Dangerous Gift’, my latest book revolves around a legacy a young woman receives after the death of her guardians and the  menacing events that follow this gift. 

‘The funeral was soul-destroying. Memories of her parents’ deaths and the pain of her loss resurfaced and intensified the grief she felt for her guardians’ passing. When the ranch house came into view on the ride home, its legacy resonated with and comforted her. Memories of happier times gave her hope for the future as she unclasped her hands and relaxed back against the limousine’s upholstered seat. Jared reached for her hand, as if he sensed her disquiet.’

 I will be posting my findings from time to time on my blog. Who knows if I find some interesting characters, I may even include them in a story.

What about you? Have you traced your family tree , comment below if you have or chat with me on Twitter #Legacy.


Author, blogger and book reviewer. I am the author of 'The Dragon Legacy' series and 'The Dangerous Gift'. Animal welfare supporter. Loves reading, writing, countryside walks, cookery and gardening, .

7 thoughts on “Legacy – Where Do I Come From?

  1. I’ve done my family Jane. I tell you, it was really interesting. In addition to the Highland and the Irish famine survivors, there was the man who helped murder Archbishop Sharp on Magus Muir, there were mercenaries and then there was the lot who were always up in court in Brockley for causing illegal distress to their neighbours. What they would do was murder their neighbour, kidnap his widow and marry her, so they could have the lands. When I say up in court, I probably mean dragged to court by a small army. I must say I was really shocked but there, you can choose your friends, so they say. Good luck to you. It is still worth doing. What amazed me is the journey they made all over the place. The bottom line is you are here because of them. Whatever they were, they were survivors. Great extracts by the way xxxxxx

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    1. Amazing, they say the truth is stranger than fiction, some of those characters would fit into your historical tales?? I am looking forward to digging deeper. I have an unusual maiden name Jolliffe and I would love to see where that leads. xxxxxxx

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      1. It is indeed unusual. Sounds French, so your folks could have come from there at some point. A lot also comes down to where they surfaced here. That particular crowd that were basically robber barons were Normans. It is very helpful to look into the origin of all the names you turn up.


  2. You might even find message boards of people who are in your tree that way and they may have done some research and stuff. My dad always said his grandfather was from Yorkshire. that the family had changed their name, that they were one small family and that anyone of that name in the ‘county’ was of that family. In fact they never set foot in Yorkshire in their ancestral lives. But he was right with the rest. The thing was once that bit was cracked there was so much on them, including a book, I got right back, so it is really helpful to look into where names are clustered and how the name ‘got ‘ into an area..

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    1. It’s interesting you should say that an aunt once told me as a child that there was a book about the Jolliffe’s in a place near Leeds and a cemetery full of them, wish I’d listened more closely now xx

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      1. The things is we don’t always listen. Try some of the message boards if you haven’t already that is. Just go on and type in Joliffe. None of this is to say these folks are anything other than distantly tied in…I mean way back, but it is really handy to get some kind of handle on a family’s spread in terms of area.

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