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Why is Self-Promotion Hard?

The Dangerous Gift preorder

As many of you know my third book is released next week. The Dangerous Gift is a romantic suspense, a new genre for me but one I enjoy reading, so I thought I would write one and see what happened.  It is also with a new publisher – Limitless Publishing so these are exciting times.Book Reviewer 1

Since the release of the second book in ‘The Dragon Legacy series’ in December 2014 I have concentrated on promoting other authors, through spotlight posts, book reviews and social media posts. I love doing this. So  I should be well placed to promoting my own book.

Book Reviewer

In many ways I am. I have a good social media following but getting the balance right  is difficult. It’s easy to recommend the  work of others, not so much your own. Writers are by nature I think self-critical and introverted so ‘blowing your own trumpet’ is well out of their comfort zone.The Dangerous Gift - Blog Tour

That said overcoming your barriers to self-promotion is essential if your book is to get noticed. The biggest hurdle for authors is to get your book seen, by the people who would love to buy and read it. So with this in mind I have been promoting The Dangerous Gift across all my social media platforms and I have been touched by the support from my social media and blog followers. Thank you.



I have supported a number of ‘Thunderclap’ campaigns in the last couple of weeks and thought I would give it a go for The Dangerous Gift. It’s a chance to reach new supporters and readers but only if you get the required number of sign ups.

The minimum is 100 people and since The Dangerous Gift campaign went live yesterday evening I have 9. 🙂 So there is some way to go, before I reach my target. If 100 supporters sign up; one Tweet, Facebook Post and Tumblr post will made on 9 Feb 12.00 pm to support The Dangerous Gift

If you have a minute please sign up 🙂 The Dangerous Gift Thunderclap




Author, blogger and book reviewer. I am the author of 'The Dragon Legacy' series and 'The Dangerous Gift'. Animal welfare supporter. Loves reading, writing, countryside walks, cookery and gardening, .

8 thoughts on “Why is Self-Promotion Hard?

  1. I will click that link darling. I think we all do struggle with putting ourselves out there and yet we write so it must be this need to be seen yet not! Anyway I will do whatever for you my darling. Glad to see you dusted off the trumpet.

    Liked by 1 person

      1. There is fine balance being giving yourself a punt and being one of these toe-bunching pains who is never done tweeting and facebooking their quotes and buy links ad ad nauseum and to the exclusion of anything else. Like that you’d rather die. Equally if you don’t get out there with the odd quote or link then folks don’t know this is what you do. I think your post is nice and valid though. A good way to get out there is to let people know, yeah I find this hard, or yeah I struggled a bit to get this book out there. People often want to identify with something that way, as opposed to oh look at me, I am such a success.. A lot of writers do find it hard to punt themselves, so it is important to build a network of other writers who actually don’t mind promoting others, despite hating pushing themselves. x

        Liked by 1 person

    1. Lol, I’m sure it’s not but always remember your best sale person is you. This is all about engaging people, etc etc. So just try and bat that non trumpet blower to the corner and chipping away. x


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