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The Girl Who Lived By The River Part 3 Mark Daydy


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It’s 1977, which can only mean the Queen’s Silver Jubilee, punk rock and Tom’s life getting more complicated.

What will happen with Claire? And is a caravan on the Essex Riviera really the ultimate venue for love?

Will Tom’s band be a success? And if so, is he good enough to stay in it?

And what of his family? In trying to fix everything, will Tom only succeed in tearing apart what remains of it?

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The Girl Who Lived By The River: Part Three

1977 is Silver Jubilee year but for Tom, far more pressing, is his need to keep his new girlfriend Claire interested in him. Fame as a rock star seems unlikely but he carries on because music is Claire’s life and he wants to be in her world.
Tom maturity develops in 1977; his awareness of politics of the era illustrates this, even though he doesn’t see himself as an activist. His love for Claire is sincere and he proves this by refusing to stray, even when tempted.
Claire’s lucky break takes her away from Tom and into the music business. Is she is out of Tom’s reach? Or out of her depth? Hopefully the final part of this story will reveal all.
The characters are complex and easy to imagine. This far into the story you care what happens to them. Against a vivid background of unemployment, industrial decline and race riots, ‘The Girl Who Lived by the River’ is a knowledgeable, engaging journey into teenage life in seventies London.

I received a copy of this book from the author in return for an honest review.


The Girl Who Lived By The River: Part Three by Mark Daydy

My rating: 4 of 5 stars

The Girl Who Lived By The River Part Three by Mark Daydy

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