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5* Review: Allure- Michelle Betham- The Forbidden Series #1

Adult Only Read

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A beautiful escort, paid to fulfil men’s fantasies.

A handsome stranger, away from home, looking for one night of escape.

One night…

… was all it should have been…

Kira Blu has been making men’s dreams come true for over ten years. She knows the escort business inside out. It’s been good to her. She has a nice home, good friends; plenty of money. But there’s a reason why she’s chosen to hide behind a beautiful mask; a reason why she’s chosen to live her life the way she has. A life devoid of any real emotion. No relationships, no complications; no love.
All Kira needs is the life she’s carved out for herself. A life she can control.

Neal Cannon is handsome, charming and a long way from his New York home. A man who avoids emotional commitment of any kind, he only sleeps with escorts – faceless women, emotionless sex. And he never sleeps with the same escort twice.
But when he books Kira Blu for a few hours of no-strings-attached fun, a few hours turns into one night.
Rules are broken.
Lines are crossed.
And one night is all it takes to change everything…

‘Allure’ is part of a series but can be read as a stand-alone novel. No cliffhangers.

*Please be aware that ‘Allure’ contains strong language, graphic sex and adult themes and is therefore suitable only for readers 18+*
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Allure (The Forbidden Series Book 1)

Allure is the first book in the Forbidden series by Michelle Betham. It has all the ingredients of a enthralling erotic romance; intense passion, serendipitous encounters, hot graphic love scenes and forbidden romance. These are interwoven into a simple but compelling plot, which make this story, a must read.
The encounter between an escort and a businessman has connotations of ‘Pretty Woman’ but this story goes deeper into the emotional turmoil Kira and Neal experience. Ghosts from the past infiltrate their physical relationship and let them hope for something more, than the emotionally barren life they currently live.
Kira and Neal are complex, likeable, full of flaws and vulnerability that make you see beyond their prickly exterior. The supporting characters are equally realistic and enrich the story.
If you enjoy hot romance enhanced with true romance this story is for you.
I received a copy of this book from the author in return for an honest review.

Allure by Michelle Betham
My rating: 5 of 5 stars

Allure (The Forbidden Series Book 1) by Michelle Betham

Michelle Betham

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