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5* Review: Shirley Valentine Goes to Vegas – Michelle Betham

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Lana Saunders is on a mission to find the ‘new Lana’, the real Lana. After twenty years spent as a prim and proper businessman’s wife, she’s finally swapped beige cotton for black leather, and cardigans for tattoo sleeves! With the ink only just dry on her divorce papers, she’s ready to live it up in Vegas.

What she doesn’t expect is to meet wickedly sexy biker, Eddie and is shocked when he asks her out. Not only does he send her sex-starved libido into overdrive, but the connection between them is unlike anything she’s ever experienced. So when Eddie asks her to stay with him in Vegas, the desire to fall into this gorgeous man’s bed and stay there forever is too tempting to ignore!

Living with Eddie in Las Vegas is the most fun Lana’s had in years—especially when he shows her that there’s more than one way to ride on a Harley!—but soon she realises she can’t ignore her old life forever, particularly when her ex, Adam shows up determined to win her back!

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Shirley Valentine Goes to Vegas

Lana Saunders is a likeable ‘Shirley Valentine’ character, ‘living the dream’ in Las Vegas, rather than the Greece.

Lana knows her marriage isn’t going to be as exciting twenty years on but she is escaping from more than the routine. Lana is fighting for her individuality, tired of being the square peg in the round hole.

Finn, Lana’s younger brother, gives her somewhere to run to. Lana empathises with his way of life and friends and rediscovers who she is. I loved Finn, he is loyal and caring and I would like to see what happens in his life in a sequel perhaps?

Lana’s chance meeting with Eddie, a Scottish biker, living in Vegas is vivid and intense. Eddie is a mysterious character. Lana gradually discovers his secrets and demons, when she lives life on the wild side. Adam, Lana’s ex-husband’s reappearance, transects her new life and leads the story in a new, unexpected direction.

Full of twists and surprises, with realistic characters and an absorbing plot, which draws you in and keep you turning the pages. This is an epic sized novel but it is so easy to read. I thoroughly enjoyed my trip to Vegas and walk on the wild side; especially the hot and raunchy love scenes that epitomise Lana’s journey of self- discovery.

I received a copy of this novel from Harper Impulse via NetGalley in return for an honest review.


What inspired Michelle Betham to write ‘Shirley Valentine Goes to Vegas’? 

Shirley Valentine Goes to Vegas by Michelle Betham
My rating: 5 of 5 stars

Shirley Valentine Goes to Vegas by Michelle Betham

Michelle Betham

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