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4* Review: Pin-up Fireman – Vonnie Davis- Wild Heat#3

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Graci-ella Santana is hired to photograph and produce a calendar of the hunky firemen of Station Thirty-two. Gossip flourishes about the sexy lady behind the camera… and her hands on approach to bring out every man’s best assets! Why, the firemen are practically falling over each other to be the next one posed to her satisfaction.

Boyd Calloway’s having none of it. He’s in the midst of a bitter custody battle with his ex-wife. The last thing he needs is to provide the drug-dealing ex’s unsavory lawyer with a calendar filled with suggestive photographs that might prove Boyd an unfit example to his son.

When the Captain at the station insists Boyd participate in the shoot, passion explodes between him and Graci-ella to a degree neither is ready or equipped to handle. She can’t commit. He can’t trust. Yet, neither can walk away from the other.

Only, Boyd soon finds out that to get the evidence he needs to convict his ex and safeguard his child, he has to ask the last person he wants to for help. And Graci-ella has no choice but to come to the rescue of her one hot hero.

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Pin-up Fireman (Wild Heat, #3)There is a definite sizzle, when Graci-ella visits fire station 32 and meets Boyd and the sexual tension grows with each encounter. As with the other books in the ‘Wild Heat’ series, the joking and taunting between the fire fighters is realistic and often humorous, which is why the newest recruit Darryl, stands out and not in a good way.

There is a lot going on in this story and the pacing is fast but the growing passion between Graci-ella and Boyd is worth reading the story for, alone. Aside from this, there’s a custody battle for a Boyd’s charming son, a conflict of interest and a thread of menace that darkens as the story progresses and makes for a powerful ending. You definitely won’t get bored reading this.

The main characters’ development is interesting, as they deal with their emotional baggage and try to build something real between them. The ‘Pin- up Fireman’ calendar photo shoot’ lightens the mood and the vivid imagery, makes you want to see the finished product.

I received a copy of this book from Harper Impulse via NetGalley in return for an honest review.

Pin-up Fireman by Vonnie Davis

My rating: 4 of 5 stars

Pin-up Fireman (Wild Heat, #3) by Vonnie Davis

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