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5* Review: Fit to be Tied – Felicity Kates Little Miss Kick- Ass #2

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He’s a liar. A manipulative ass. He doesn’t deserve a
second chance. Yet I can’t stop thinking about him and that night we shared in
Chicago four weeks ago. He dominates my dreams, making me want him more each
day. Trapped with him at an Ice Hotel in Sweden, do I have a hope in hell
of resisting him? Maybe not, but I’ll kick his ass if he ever calls me his
goddess again.


She’s the love of my life, my dream, the goddess I’ve
been waiting an eternity for. I know she hates me for the deceptive life I’ve
led, but I want to give her everything she’s ever craved, fill each second of
her life with bliss. But…trapped for a weekend in the place where my life
went to hell, how can I avoid the nightmare that haunts me? Not to mention the
ass-kicking Astrid will give me when she discovers the darkest secret of my

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My Review - Coastal

Fit To Be Tied (a Little Miss Kick-Ass Novella #2)This novella is hot, in more ways than the obvious one; you associate with an erotic romance. The love scenes are steamy and sizzling, as is the chemistry between Astrid and Race but they share more than sexual attraction. There is a strong supernatural element in this story, which makes it special.

Both Astrid and Race have tragic, past, emotional baggage and the story’s gradual unveiling of this, makes it poignant read. There is plenty of humour to balance the sadness and this story retains the characteristic ‘naughty’ scenes, which we enjoyed in ‘Steam Bunny’.
Although part of a series, Astrid’s and Race’s story is standalone and has a lovely romantic, sexy ending and is my favourite story so far.

I received a copy of this book from the author in return for an honest review

Fit To Be Tied by Felicity Kates

My rating: 5 of 5 stars

Fit To Be Tied (a Little Miss Kick-Ass Novella #2) by Felicity Kates


Felicity Kates

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