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3* Review: 101 Erotic Nights – The Sheherazade Diaries – The Secret Diarists

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25282437Poppy - Blurb“… Like Sheherazade, I was fighting to change what struck me as a very bleak future and what follows is the uncensored and unabridged account of how I met that challenge. Was I successful? Well, you’ll just have to read on to find out….”

The Secret Diarists are an anonymous group who have never met and perhaps never will.

They came together online and were inspired by one writer’s idea to create a collaborative work called The Sheherazade Diaries. Loosely based on the concept of 1001 Arabian Nights, their diverse talents were challenged to create a book of romantic, erotic stories linked by a narrative thread.

The result is Beth’s story.

Frustrated that the spark has gone out of her marriage and desperate to feel that connection again, Beth Rogers has a plan: to seduce her husband Miles all over again.

Throughout their new bedtime adventures, Beth keeps a diary. Soon this diary becomes more than just a collection of erotica to arouse Miles in the bedroom, it helps Beth realize she wants more from this marriage than perhaps he can give her…

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101 Erotic Nights: The Sheherazade DiariesThe Sheherazade Diaries is an interesting concept, which has an overall narrative about a professional woman, Beth, who has a colourful and tragic past. In a rut, she wants to reintroduce the sparkle back in her relationship. She has many bohemian and free spirited friends who are eager to help and suggest erotic tales, in the form of diary entries, are the answer.

Beth is a likeable and complex woman, in her thirties with poignant memories and a self depreciating sense of humour, which she shares with her diary and the reader. Intended for adults, these short, provocative stories, flow well and cleverly illustrate the vulnerability of Beth, her partner Miles and her eclectic collection of friends. The ending is a closure of sorts but suggests there are more tales and more life of Beth to follow.

I received a copy of this book from Harper Impulse via NetGalley in return for an honest review.

101 Erotic Nights: The Sheherazade Diaries by The Secret Diarists

My rating: 3 of 5 stars

101 Erotic Nights  The Sheherazade Diaries by The Secret Diarists

The Secret Diarists

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