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5* Review: Pippa’s Cornish Dream – Debbie Johnson

Pippa's Cornish Dream

Poppy - BlurbSince Pippa Harte was forced to take over her parent’s farm, she’s barely had time to shave her legs let alone make time for love. Now she’s more likely to be getting down and dirty mucking out the pigs – and avoiding those of the human male variety.

When Ben Retallick walks out of her childhood and back into her present it seems that perhaps Pippa has more time than she thought. All Poldark smoulders and easy-going charm, Ben’s definitely worth whipping her wellies off for!

But Ben is a man with his own past and his own issues – and as much as she’s enjoying having him around, she’s got to get a grip. After all life isn’t always a beach … even if you are in Cornwall.

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Pippa's Cornish DreamI warmed to Pippa, as she braved the battle with the blocked toilet and won. Life isn’t easy for this courageous young woman and she certainly deserves something good in her life, just for her. Ben definitely fits the bill.

‘Pippa’s Cornish Dream’ is full of humour; self depreciating and purely comical mixed in with poignant memories and everyday anecdotes, familiar to anyone who lives with small children or teenagers. The setting; a farm with holiday cottages, in coastal Cornwall is the perfect backdrop for a story whose sentiments echo ‘The Darling Buds of May’. In adversity the family sticks together and newcomers are welcomed, despite their emotional baggage.

This is an easy story to read and truly addictive. I read it in a few hours. The imagery is vivid; I could envisage the characters and what happened to them as I read. The angst and realism interwoven into this sweet story, stop it from being a fairy-tale romance but make it the perfect 21st century love story.
I received a copy of this book from the author in return for an honest review.

Pippa’s Cornish Dream by Debbie Johnson

My rating: 5 of 5 stars

Pippa's Cornish Dream by Debbie   Johnson

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