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Author Interview: Derek Muk


This Sunday I’m interviewing paranormal and horror author Derek Muk on my blog.
Author Interview

How important is writing in your life?

Writing is very important to me. It’s one of my passions, one of my hobbies, a creative outlet where I can escape from the stresses and routine monotony of life. 

You write both horror and paranormal stories; do you have a favourite genre?

I would say my favorite genres to read are horror, science fiction, fantasy, thrillers, and general fiction. I also read things from other categories as well. But I like to write in the horror, paranormal, and supernatural genres.

What are the inspirations behind your paranormal story ‘The Haunted Academy’?

 The inspiration for “The Haunted Academy” were news articles and stories I came across about how young students, particularly gay, lesbian, and transgender ones, were bullied in school. My story involves a young woman who identifies herself as a lesbian and how she is victimized by school bullies.

The paranormal investigators featured in The Haunted Academy are quirky and interesting. Are they going to appear in any future books?

The paranormal investigators in “The Haunted Academy” are featured in other short stories that I write and will appear in future stories. They are also the main protagonists in my short story collection, The Occult Files of Albert Taylor. More information about that book and my stories can be found at:

Do you have a favourite writing space?

I like to write at cafes and at home.

Do you have a writing process that you can share with us?

I often begin a story with fragments of scenes, characters, and some dialogue. They’re not cohesive in the beginning so I let them brew in my head for a while until they are clearer and until I feel the story is going in a direction that I’m satisfied with. I jot all these ideas down on paper so that if I can’t utilize them from the get go they’ll be saved for some future writing project when the time is right. Sometimes I get ideas for characters by people watching on the subway, at a café, and even from movies and television. I’ll scribble down these ideas in my notebook and flesh them out later.

What sort of books do you like to read?

I would say my favorite genres to read are horror, science fiction, fantasy, thrillers, and general fiction. I also read things from other categories as well.

What’s your favourite social media platform? Why do you like it?

 My favorite social media platform? Uhmm, I guess that would be Facebook because it allows you to keep in touch with a massive network of people and keeps you up to date with what others are doing. It’s a great networking tool for writers.

What’s next for Derek Muk? Do you have a current work in progress? 

I’m currently working on a novella featuring Albert Taylor and his sidekick, Jan, who are the main characters in “The Haunted Academy”. Stay tuned for more details!


Mystery Thriller Blurb
Professor Albert Taylor and his assistant, Jan, are paranormal investigators. They are hired to investigate spooky, mysterious goings-on at an exclusive all-girls school after a young student is murdered. What they assume will be a routine ghost haunting turns out to be something much more.

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Mystery Thriller BlurbMeet Albert Taylor, an anthropology professor who investigates cases of the supernatural on the side. Welcome to this macabre gallery of horrors that includes such cases as Jack the Ripper, Bigfoot, the Boogeyman, the Spanish Inquisition, ghosts, cults, and more!
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