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5* Review – Strawberries at Wimbledon – Nikki Moore – Love London #5


Sipping Pimms and eating fresh strawberries at Wimbledon are the perfect start to the British summer for Rayne. Immersed in her career as a journalist in the City, she’s been too busy and distracted to give men – or other outside interests – much of a chance lately. That’s something her friend Lily thinks she should correct, coming up with the perfect ‘sex with an ex’ solution – much to the amusement of the crowd on Centre Court!

When Rayne runs into old flame Adam, former good guy who is now all grown up with a hint of bad boy about him, it’s a tempting thought. But is that such a good idea, when she knows that four years ago, she broke his heart?

Back from travelling the world and settling into running the family business, Adam never expected to see his university girlfriend again. And he definitely didn’t think he would still be angry with her for running away, or that she would still have the same stunning effect on him. But she does, so maybe the perfect way to get her out of his dreams and from under his skin, is to have a hot sex-filled night with her? The only trouble is, one night might not be enough…

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Strawberries at WimbledonGame Set and Match to a lovely romantic story full of sensuality, poignancy and humour. The Wimbledon atmosphere of comeradie and competition provides an iconic setting for a reunion romance between Rayne and Adam. Opposites certainly attract in this love story. Both characters are from different backgrounds but they share emotional baggage from their childhood and their university days that makes an unexpected meeting full of angst and passion. 

Rayne is a strong character who has built on her unique upbringing and used it to achieve the career she wants. Adam is a perfect match for the dedicated journalist but the history between them and words previously left unsaid threaten any future they may have. I loved Lily’s take on their relationship and her interactions with both characters she is a wonderful source of humour and commonsense in this story.
This short story flowed like a novel and the ending was believable.
A lovely summer read.

Strawberries at Wimbledon by Nikki Moore

My rating: 5 of 5 stars

Strawberries at Wimbledon by Nikki Moore

Nikki Moore

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