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What I’m Writing This Week

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The sun is out this morning  and I couldn’t resist taking a few pictures of the Spring flowers in my garden before I start writing.

This week I am continuing to write my historical novel ‘Past Shadows’, it’s set in Derbyshire during the Regency period.

Set around a cotton mill, it tells the story of Lucy and Justin , childhood friends  who meet again unexpectedly, when Justin returns home from the army, after resigning his commission, to help Charles Bracken, his mill owning father.

A deliberately set fire in the mill and his father’s unexpected death, throws suspicion on Lucy, who although innocent of the fire setting, does have secrets she can’t share with Justin. Frustrated both by her intransigence and his inconvenient attraction to the young widow, Justin makes Lucy an indecent  proposition.

The mill, under Charles’ Bracken draconian rule was an unhappy place and changing this is something Justin and Lucy agree upon. Justin’s reforms reveal a web of deceit and misery, which he is determined to unravel. Lucy fears for her reputation, a widowed vicar’s daughter, should never accept such a proposal from a rake, like Justin Bracken. She risks all, to help the mill workers children.

The greatest secret of all belongs to the wraith-like girl who haunts Lucy , desperate to share her torment.

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I have shared the first couple of chapters of ‘Past Shadows’ on Wattpad.  I will post, part 6 – ‘The Confrontation’, today. Click on the book cover to read.  

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Historical Blurb

Justin Bracken has no choice but to resign his commission and return home to the cotton mills, when his father falls ill. Unrest among the workers, fire, death and an opinionated woman all seek to make his new life every bit as dangerous as the military battles he fought in the past.

Young widow and vicar’s daughter Lucinda Osborne is born out of her time. When her husband dies, she returns to her father’s home determined to improve the lives of the mill workers she grew up with. Mill owner, Charles Bracken refuses her offer to educate the workers’ children and threatens her. Lucinda narrowly escapes his unwelcome attentions, thanks to the rugged stranger who intervenes.

A fire at the mill and the sudden death of the mill owner has profound implications for Lucinda, who suspects her cousins’ are responsible. Determined to save them from the hangman’s noose, she risks her own reputation to do so.

Grief stricken by his father’s sudden death, Justin cannot forget his father’s last words, accusing Lucinda of starting the fire in the mill. Determined to find out the truth Justin summons the vicar’s daughter to the manor. Intuitively he knows she is not guilty but believes she knows who is. In an attempt to get to the truth and unable to control his inconvenient passion, he makes her an indecent proposal but will she accept?

DSCN9711There are excerpts of ‘The Dragon Legacy’, my fantasy romanceThe Dragon Legacy Series and ‘The Dangerous Gift’ on Wattpad too. Click on the book covers to read. 

The Dangerous Gift   E book Cover

I hope you have a lovely sunny day too.