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4* Review: Germ Warfare of the Corporate Kind – Noel Warnell


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The corporate world is sick. It’s full of disease and suffering. Even the bravest, brightest people are being infected despite having strong immune systems. At times like this, we need help. We need awareness. We need remedies. This book aims to give you the cure.

This hilarious book is the result of years of ‘in the trenches’ research into corporate diseases and by reading it, you’re taking a step towards a happier and healthier place to work, for yourself and for others, as you:

● become aware of the 25 corporate diseases lurking in your office
● discover how to quickly and easily identify symptoms
● receive expert guidance on how to disrupt and destroy them

The ailments you’ll discover are grouped into categories, driven by the part of the body infected – the mind, the eyes, the ears, the mouth, the face, the blood and the hands.

So, with your helmet and your antibacterial hand sanitizer at the ready, prepare for battle…

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‘Germ Warfare of the Corporate Kind’ is a witty, light-hearted and undoubtedly accurate account of office personalities, how to recognise them and suggested remedies for combating what ails them. Anyone who has worked in an office setting, particularly on a corporate scale will instantly recognise some of the ‘diseases’ described and the more self-aware will recognise their own shortcomings.
Aptly and cleverly named conditions make the book, divided into sections of the body, a quick and easy read. The descriptions are resplendent with imagery and often humorous. In addition, this book contains useful information, for those responsible for a harmonious office environment. It’s a novel way of demonstrating individual and team behaviour with advice on reduction of negative traits to promote positivity in your corporate world.
As a training tool at team-building meetings and events, participants could identify traits they see in themselves and each other in a safe non- threatening setting.
An entertaining book with practical possibilities, worth reading.
I received a copy of this book from the author in return for an honest review.



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